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Warner Bros. Pictures, Silver Pictures and Green Hat Films present an R rated, 88 minute, comedy directed by Nima Nourizadeh, written by Matt Drake and Michael Bacall with a theatrical release date of March 2, 2012.


Its high school in North Pasadena, California and three best friends are not exactly part of the in crowd at school.  Costa (Oliver Cooper) with the help of Dax (Dax Flame), pretty much a behind the scenes character except for a mirror shot; decide to shoot a video of Thomas, his best friend, on the day of his seventeenth birthday.  Since Thomas’s mother (Caitlin Dulany) and father (Peter Mackenzie) are leaving town for a few days Costa can think of nothing better than to throw a party for his friend and if he scores with the party girls along the way, all the better.  Before they leave they give their honor student son the keys to the minivan.  Nothing attracts girls more than a minivan!  There final thoughts of their son before they leave town is that since he’s a loser all should be fine at home with their pet Yorkie Milo while their gone.  Little did they know that peer pressure and the need to be cool goes a long way. 

At school they meet up with their other friend JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown), pretty much known as the little fat rain man of the threesome.  Before you know it the party plans are on and what started out as a group of fifty turns out to be in the hundreds, maybe thousands.  Oh the social network these days can really get you in trouble!  Camera still rolling since most of the time the core of the film is shown and told through Dax’s camera only, making you feel like you’re actually part of the planning and later as a partier surrounded by a night of “Girls gone wild” and not to forget “Boys gone wild” as well.  There are the jocks, the bullies, the freshmen and the hot girls like Alexis (Alexis Knapp) that don’t hesitate to party all night sometimes showing a bit more of their personalities.  Let’s just say there were a lot of floatation devices in the pool.

Most of the arrivers where BYOB or BYOA but the weed was supplied by a local drug dealer that was a bit unhappy after the boys made a deal since Costa decided to take a parting gift after the transaction, a little gnome.  Grant it the dealer would not let them get away with it and in the climatic end happens to do more than sing the song  the roof is on fire.  Although I must say this soundtrack is most likely going to become a big hit.  A lot of drinking, a lot of smoking and an abundance of T&A and this party has more than started it has become insane.  Destroying Thomas’s house inside and out and abusing Milo by attaching him to balloons and floating him off into the air, only one stupid act of many is disturbing to all pet lovers.  Not cool at all!  Hopefully no one at home tries that stunt.  Let alone locking an angry little person (Martin Klebba) in the family oven.  I’ll just say that when he gets out look out for the first objects he sees at his level.  Yes the neighbors get involved like Rob (Rob Evors) but after a minor incident with a very secure ghost his hands become tied.  And yet the writers still seem to incorporate a little romance into the story as Thomas begins to realize his love for Kirby (Kirby Bliss Blanton).

I’ve been at many parties in my younger days that the police show up at but never one where the kids truly had the upper hand.  Thomas’s night party was about changing the game and making themselves popular at school and it worked, at least in this movie.  As a teenager I’d say right on but as an adult I’d have to say jail time.  In the end what was once one very quiet residential street has now been turned into a party out of control surrounded by media, police in riot gear and a mad man fire starter.  Dad didn’t think Thomas had it in him but Lord forbid he ever gets to see the whole video.  From local news to night-time talk Thomas, Costa and JB have become the talk of the media and North Pasadena.

The film is said to be loosely based on a young man that had a party very similar to this one in Australia.  Most of it being filmed with a camera that truly invites the audience into the party making you feel like part of the crowd or at least as if you’re watching a home movie through a high quality lens.  Sex, music, nudity, bad language, nothing is left out of the story here which helps to keep the film very real yet for many adults scary as they think what will happen after the 15 to 25 age group gets to see this wild and anything goes party fest.  The cast really does a remarkable job here making you feel comfortable as one of their party goers all along enjoying the story, understanding where the three boys are coming from but scaring the hell out of any parents in fear of ever leaving town and the kids home alone.  This film is surely going to attract the younger demo and once word of mouth spreads like a wild fire through a residential neighborhood the box office will see a very nice profit from today’s partiers known as tomorrow’s leaders.  Lord help us!  Written with 2 paws out of four as an adult but if I were a high school partier I’m sure at least three paws out four by Jon Patch.  Go Falcons!

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