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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Featured

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Paramount Pictures, Skydance Productions and Bad Robot present a PG-13, 133 minute, action, adventure, thriller, sure to make you laugh several times, directed by Brad Bird and written by Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec with a theatrical release date of December 16, 2011.

After reading this review your mission should you choose to accept it is to go watch this riveting Cruise film on an IMAX screen near you?  If for some reason you choose not to, you will self-destruct, so take it from me it’s worth going to the movie.

In Budapest, Hanaway (Josh Holloway), you’ll recognize him from the television show “Lost”, he is out to retrieve some top secret papers but when things go slightly wrong he ends up as Sabine Moreau’s (Lea Seydoux) target, losing the papers and his life. 

In Moscow, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) sits in prison that is until Benji (Simon Pegg) and his associate Jane (Paula Patton) break him out in a very humorous and unconventional manner.  A scene too good to spoil but I will say it is quite the back breaker.  One issue though is that Ethan will not leave the prison without breaking out his friend Bogdan (Miraj Grbic) as well.  Reasons of why do unfold as the story progresses! 

Ethan joins forces with Jane and Benji to try and retrieve the lost files taken from Hanaway when he was killed.  Outlined in those papers are the launch codes for a Russian Nuclear Missile and in the wrong hands they will eventually trigger a nuclear war with America.  As they break into the Kremlin in search of information in only the way Hunt can they discover that they are piggybacked by Hendricks (Michael Nyqvist) who is out to break into the vault to steal the nuclear device.  But all does not end well when a section of the Kremlin is left in ruins and the American is the focus of attention.  As Hunt escapes from a local hospital with Russian police on his tail led by Sidorov (Vladimir Mashkov) Hunt flees for a safe zone eventually meeting up with the IMF Secretary (Tom Wilkinson) and his chief Analyst Brandt (Jeremy Renner).  A major explosion later and Brant and Hunt are on the run for their lives as well as trying to retrieve the codes and device in hopes of stopping a possible nuclear war.

The fabulous four have now joined forces as Hunt, Jane, Benji and Brandt fly to Dubai in hopes of stopping a deal between Moreau who has the papers and Hendricks and his right hand man Wistrom (Samuli Edelmann) who have the device.  The transaction will take place in the tallest building in the world and Hunt must break into the servers to manipulate the transaction.  It is said that Cruise does his own stunts.  Well from this moment on Cruise really sticks like glue in some of the most amazing shots 130 stories off the ground.  Even with one hand and a sand storm swiftly approaching this special agent is one tough body of action.  As things go wrong once again, Hunt discovers that Brandt is a bit more than just an analyst. 

The crew is on the move trying to make up for mistakes just made and they attend a private party by Brij Nath (Anil Kapoor) who happens to be quite versed in the numbers game and that of a pretty woman.  Hunt arrives in the new I8 BMW, a sweet and gorgeous ride, only to be overshadowed by Jane who steps out of the car beaming in a light green gown out to impress  Nath.  Mission accomplished!

One problem it’s too late and Operation Iron Fist has been initialized with Seattle in the cross-hairs.  One final chance to save the world is for Hunt to retrieve the briefcase containing the device that Hendricks carries with him.  In one quite impressive knockdown at an awesome parking garage both men fight to the finish leaving Russian police with the idea that maybe just maybe Russia and America are not enemies after all.  Dumb luck or just a good team?  Truth is told in the end by all.  As for Hunt he will continue to love from afar since that is the safest way to waste not wants not in life. 

Bird does an excellent job directing and reviving this franchise.  I liked it so much that I could definitely sit through it again especially in IMAX since every explosion, special effect and action sequence jumps out at you in the theatre like you’re in the film itself.  The writing is absolutely brilliant making it intriguing yet not difficult to follow at least if you have an ounce of intelligence.  A terrific score along with some superb cinematography and this thriller is sure to impress everyone interested in watching two hours of action that actually also has terrific dialogue.

Cruise shines in this role better than ever before and is sure to see the franchise continue since it has seemed to reinvent itself with a new team full of funny, attractive and intelligent partners.  Cruise puts his heart and soul along with his muscles into this film and it shows in many ways.  I must say I met Tom once in LA and he is a very short man so it always amazes me how they size him up physically with his other cast members in this film and others.  Pegg is of course the comedic relief who lights up the giggles from the audience whenever he opens his mouth for the most part.  Renner is suave and sophisticated as he shares the Bond like atmosphere with Cruise in his scenes making him likeable yet feared as he plays his character.  Patton definitely can play the tough female role but has no problem in softening herself up when she needs too.  Too bad Holloway was killed off so quickly he was looking good with the new haircut and polished looks and would have made a good member to the new IMF team.  Nyqvist has no problems pulling off the bad guy along with his partner in crime Edelmann, both men giving the Americans a run for their money.  Albeit this film is extremely well done and worth seeing as I express once again, especially on IMAX.  Word of mouth should even kick the box office in high gear on this one for sure.  Written and thoroughly enjoyed with three and half paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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