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DreamWorks Animation presents a 90 minute, PG, adventure, action, fantasy, comedy, animation in 3D, directed by Chris Miller and written by Charles Perrault and Brian Lynch with a theatrical release of October 28, 2011.

This is the story of Puss in Boots (voice of Antonio Banderas), how he came to be a cat wearing a hat, sword and of course, boots.  Known as an out-law, Puss would never steal from churches, orphans but will steal from Jack and Jill.  Not quite the Jack (voice of Billy Bob Thornton) and Jill (voice of Amy Sedaris) you might be thinking of but rather the Jack and Jill you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley.  They carry with them the main focus of Puss’s attention, the magic beans.  But when Puss shows up in their hotel room to steal the beans he discovers he has some competition, her name is Kitty Softpaws (voice of Salma Hayek).  A mostly black cat with white paws and dressed in black leather is after the same target, the beans.  When things go wrong and the opportunity falls short, Puss follows Kitty to her lair where he is surrounded by many other cats and forced into a dance fight which displays such moves as the litter box and the boot scoot.  Kitty Softpaws does not work alone though, she is under the guidance of Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis), an old ex-friend of Puss.

Soon we are taken back to the beginning history of Puss and Humpty and the way they came to be.  They met at the San Ricardo Orphanage which was run by Imelda known as mama (voice of Constance Marie).  Puss was just a kitten and Humpty a young egg out collecting beans in hopes of finding the magic ones so he can grow a bean stalk and climb his way into the clouds to find the golden goose who lays the golden eggs.  Thanks to Humpty he gave Puss his name, his boots and enrolled him in the Bean Club which consisted of just the two of them.  In their quest to find the beans, Humpty, the brains and Puss, the skilled, have truly become brothers that is until Humpty tricked him into robbing a local bank which gave Puss the reputation of an Outlaw. 

Older yet not necessarily wiser Humpty, working with Kitty Softpaws asks Puss for a second chance and if they are able to steal the beans from Jack and Jill and their little pigs, plant them and find the golden goose, he will pay back the Orphanage and the town the money owed to them for so many years.  After a group effort the beans are retrieved, planted and Puss, Humpty and Kitty are off into the clouds to look for the egg, only to bird nap the young golden egg laying baby goose instead.  Although as we all know most times were there is a baby there is a mother and this massive goose is not too happy that her young golden pooper has been stolen.  Albeit in the end motives, revenge, a mother’s love, bring Puss and Humpty back on the town bridge where they lost their trust in one another so many years ago.  This time though choices need be made by Puss that could end lives, relationships, yet make him a legend, known to all in the town as ‘Puss in Boots’. 

The film was strong on story line relatable for young and old but a bit short in my opinion on levity, just a bit.  Grant it the writing is very well done mixing in cartoon characters throughout the story along with many funny cat characteristics and cliché moves that Puss exemplifies so well.  I went into this film with high expectations especially since I’m friends with the Banderas family and can say that for the most part they were met.  Right down to the Ohhh cat (voiced by Robert Persichetti Jr.) which is simple yet clever.  In many films the 3D tends to go unnoticed but in this case it really tends to add to the charm of this story about the birth of a Puss in Boots. 

Banderas is just phenomenal as the voice of Puss and spot on with every little move he makes, using the perfect body movement with every infliction of his vocals.  Hayek does a nice job as Softpaws but seems to fall a bit in the background to Puss and Humpty.  As for Humpty he seems just a bit annoying like nails on a chalkboard but it works with his character.  Jack and Jill are definitely not your story book memory although as grown-ups maybe this was their fate, big mean and ugly.   Thornton and Sedaris both sounded well-rehearsed giving their characters a wonderful sense of reality.  Overall, I loved this film, especially since I’m the proud parent of two wonderful cats myself.  The strong cat talk and meticulous animation throughout the film makes this a must see for both young and old.  Written and enjoyed with three out of four paws, I’m Jon Patch.

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