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The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare Featured

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Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 3 out of 4 Paws

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

Lionsgate Films, Black Bear, Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Media Capital Technologies present an R rated, Action, Drama, War film with traces of humor, directed by Guy Ritchie, Written by Paul Tamasy, Eric Johnson and Arash Amel with a theater release of April 19, 2024.

The true story is based on records from Winston Churchill of a British group of secret fighters that fought against the Germans during World War II. Gus March-Phillips (Henry Cavill) is the leader of the group, a strong man with a sense of humor who does not understand the word no. His buddy Anders Lassen (Alan Ritchson) a muscular physique with a slight gay sense of humor and an expert with a bow and arrow definitely has his share of kills, Geoffrey Appleyard (Alex Pettyfer) full of good looks and charm with a killer instinct was being tortured by the Germans before he joins the group. Henry Hayes (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) is the younger of the group that can sail as well as he shoots. Freddy Alvarez (Henry Golding) can swim better than anyone even with his legs tied together and a great asset when it comes to bombs. Heron (Babs Olusanmokun) the bar owner and Marjorie Stewart (Eiza Gonzalez) both works well together to plot against the bad guy Heinrich Luhr (Til Schweiger) a Nazi with no love for anyone but himself and also the protector of two ships that the British leader Brigadier Gubbins ‘M’ (Cary Elwes) wants sank because of the German firepower it carries. But some things have not gone as planned and they had to come up with another plan to take over the unsinkable ships yet what they achieve in the end is remarkable.

I absolutely enjoyed the film which is a war story with a mix of drama and humor that Guy Ritchie has a good sense with to make it work well together. The writing is well done because you get to know the characters as they work to achieve their tasks in taking over the Germans. There is a lot of action and killing in the film mixed in with a bit more dialogue, all of which brings you to get invested in the characters. Some great special effects along with a good score help to bring this story to life for the big screen. The wardrobe was fitting for the times along with the music but it is the group of actors that bring this story to life. Cavill steps away from his Superman role bringing a wider range to his talents and Ritchson is a big slab of beef with good looks that is gentle as he is fierce. These two leading men along with the supporting roles of the others make this film worth seeing. Filled with explosions, physical fights and a lot of killing the film will definitely keep your attention and make you laugh a few times as well. I don’t recall any animals used in this film.

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