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Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 3 out of 4 Paws        

About My Father

Lionsgate and Depth of Field present a PG-13, 89-minute, Comedy, directed by Laura Terruso, written by Austen Earl and Sebastian Maniscalco with a theater release date of May 26, 2023.

Father Salvo Maniscalco (Robert De Niro) and son Sebastian (Sebastian Maniscalco) are very close but a certain young lady, Ellie (Leslie Bibb), has put a wrench into the father son relationship. Sebastian wants to marry Ellie and propose using the family ring but Salvo doesn’t think so! Salvo runs a very popular Salon in the city and has always thought he and his son were inseparable and they were until now.

It’s the 4th of July and Ellie wants Sebastian to spend the weekend at the country club with her very eccentric wealthy family, her father Bill Collins (David Rasche), mother Tigger (Kim Cattral), brother Lucky (Anders Holm) and other quite strange in a slightly odd earthy way brother Doug (Brett Dier) and their dog plus a few memorable peacocks. One problem Salvo can’t imagine not spending the holiday with his son so Sebastian and Ellie invite Salvo to come along for the weekend.

This is when the real crazy times begin since Salvo was never a fan of people and their rich ways. So, things don’t quite go as planned and that includes with the animals as well. So, what was hopefully going to be a wonderful opportunity for the family to grow ends up becoming a bit more challenging to expand the family lineage.

So, I wasn’t feeling to well half way into the film so I did not get to enjoy it as much as I thought I would and should have but it is a comical, well directed and written story. I know Sebastian is supposed to be the real funny one but every time De Niro came into the scene the comedy became more hysterical. Both men played well off of each other from beginning to end with some pretty funny moments especially the water scene. Rasche and Cattral are both great as is the odd brother Dier but I thought Holm was trying a bit to hard. Either way this is a good time in the theater and because of De Niro should actually find a decent audience. They had a great opportunity to use Katy Perry’s Peacock song but oh well!

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