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Movie Review written by Jon Patch with 3 out of 4 Paws


Amazon Studios, Artists Equity, Mandalay Pictures and Skydance Media present an R rated, 112-minute, Drama, directed by Ben Affleck and written by Alex Convery with a theater release of April 5, 2023.

In 1984, Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon) works for the Nike corporation as a talent scout always looking for the next great basketball player to go big. Nike’s basketball division is in trouble and if things don’t get better people will be out of jobs like Rob Strasser (Jason Bateman) the VP of Marketing, Howard White (Chris Tucker) the VP of Relations, Peter Moore (Matthew Maher) the designer and the CEO Phil Knight (Ben Affleck) has to explain to the board why Adidas is the top money maker in the Basketball world and Converse running in second with Nike in the bottom of the three.

Sonny has always been a dreamer who speaks from his heart and after studying Jordan in his games he knew he would one day be the biggest basketball player in the history of basketball. Sonny knows he can’t compete against Adidas and Converse when it comes to signing Jordan but he also knows that a shoe is just a shoe until someone steps in it and the foot belongs to Michael Jordan. Obviously, you are familiar with the outcome of Air Jordan’s but you may be surprised of what it took for Nike to close the deal and sign Jordan, winning over his mother Deloris (Viola Davis) and father James (Julius Tennon) but of all involved mother has the final say even over their agent David Falk (Chris Messina). In the end, it was Jordan who changed the sport of basketball and the lives of all the sports players that play to win.

I was actually uncertain I would really like this film but to a surprise I enjoyed it a lot. Affleck does an excellent job of directing this story set in the 80’s when Michael Jordan was only 18 years old. There were times that I felt the film had some references to “Jerry Maguire” and even “Working Girl” but overall it stands on it own Air Jordan’s. Superb writing with one of the best scenes between Sonny and agent Chris on the phone. It was priceless! Of course, I love the 80’s music and this story had it laced throughout the entire film. I was amazed on the deal Jordan got back then and the amount of money he has made from then until now and obviously it is still coming in.

It's good to see Affleck behind the camera again he does a nice job as it shows in this movie. Damon as we all know a great friend to Affleck is perfection and reels you in to the ideal that change sometimes creates greatness. Bateman is more of a supporting character as is Tucker but they are a great addition to the story line. I loved Messina who won the screen in everyone of his moments. You can’t go wrong hiring Davis who was recommended by Jordan himself to play his mother and she definitely shows her power side. As for Tennon, Maher, Wayans they all brought justice to the characters. Damian Delano Young plays Jordan but they never show his face, maybe a power play, maybe part of the agreement with Jordan but in my opinion I believe it would have added to his part in the story since we all know it’s an actor! No animals used in this film.

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