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Review written by Jon Patch with 2.5 out of 4 paws

The Predator

Twentieth Century Fox, Davis Entertainment and TSG Entertainment presents an R rated, 107 minute, Action, Adventure, Horror film directed by Shane Black, written by Black and Fred Dekker with a theatre release date of September 14, 2018.


In outer space two alien ships are in battle as the first ship escapes headed towards earth losing the other ship in pursuit. As the ship is about to crash a shuttle is released carrying the alien aboard. Meanwhile on the same piece of earth in Tennessee three soldiers are about to take down some bad guys when the alien shuttle crashes near them. A sole survivor Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) was able to take a helmet and arm piece from the shuttle but in order to make it out of the forest alive he had no choice but to run. Soon thereafter a black helicopter lands carrying a top military man named Traeger (Sterling K. Brown) to investigate the scene.

Sometime later Quinn is under arrest but the items he took from the shuttle are not with him. Traeger and his men interrupted Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) while with her dog in the local Chattanooga dog park to bring her to Project Stargazer to help him and other scientists study the alien body which is still alive by the way but sedated. That is until the sedative wears off and the Predator breaks free killing almost everyone at the research lab. Lucky for Casey she was spared but is soon in hot pursuit of the Predator. While on pursuit Casey is rescued by Quinn and a group of ex-military troubled soldiers, Coyle (Keegan-Michael Key) the funny man, Thomas Jane (Baxley) mister Tourette’s, Lynch (Alfie Allen) the hillbilly, Nettles (Augusto Aguilera) the polite one and last but far from least Nebraska Williams (Trevante Rhodes) the strong one with a story to tell.

Back at Quinn’s home which he hasn’t seen in sometime due to his job his son Rory (Jacob Tremblay) received a delivery that was meant for the P.O. Box but ended up at home.  Inside were the alien helmet and the arm piece which Rory decided to explore seeing that he is kind of a boy genius. In turning on the arm weapon it opened up communication with the other Predator still in space causing him to come to earth as well. This alien has been genetically upgraded with DNA from other species making it stronger, smarter and more deadly than the others before it. This Predator also arrives with not one but two alien dogs that are bigger, louder and more deadly than any earth dog by far.

Due to climate change humans have become the endangered species but in the end we get a Predator killer at 42 long.

Ok so I’m sure some critics will hate this film. Why? Well the writing is so so, there is comedy within the story and many moments a bit extreme. A lot of what you might see in the Avenger’s and Guardians of the Galaxy that I believe this film which is set up for a sequel will follow that premise even a bit closer than it has already. I love horror and sci-fi type films and even though the film has some off the wall moments I as well as several movie goers, not critics, in the theatre felt the same, we liked it. It is pure entertainment with a lot of “F” bombs, gore, action and a bit of levity unlike the Predator films in the past. I liked those and even though this one is a bit different I still liked it. As for the actors they all did a nice job with their roles and all added a slice of different to their characters. Holbrook was able to command his performance and even though Munn is a bit out there with her character she does well with what she’s been given. Tremblay was probably one of my favorites and as for the ex-military guys with Quinn I’d have to give hats off to the two comedians in the pose, Key and Jane, they both bring several hilarious moments to the story. In the end I appreciated that the scene with the pit-bull went beyond the stereotypical realm. In my opinion the film may be out there just a bit but I liked it and would watch it again on DVD for sure.

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