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Midnight Sun

Open Road Films, Wrigley Pictures and Boies / Schiller Film Group present a PG-13, 91 minute, Romantic Drama directed by Scott Speer, written by Kenji Bando, based on the motion picture screenplay “Taiyo no uta” by Eric Kirsten with a theatre release date of March 23, 2018.


Katie (Bella Thorne) lost her mother to a car accident at a very young age and she grew up with her father Jack (Rob Riggle) in Washington. Katie did not quite have the typical childhood for that matter not the typical life at all. She was diagnosed with Xeroderma pigmentosum otherwise known as XP disease, meaning she can’t go out in the sunlight because if she did it would kill her. She did not have friends, she was home schooled by her dad but luckily she had one best friend Morgan (Quinn Shephard) and the dream of one day meeting Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger) who from childhood walked past her bedroom window to go to class and swimming at Purdue High School.

Years passed by and Katie graduated from home school but her father still kept a close eye on her not wanting any harm to come to her. Being able to only go out at night her father would let her go to the train station to play her guitar, sing and make a little money. One day was different though Charlie happened to be nearby, heard her singing and stopped by to introduce himself; it was love at first sight. At least it was for Charlie as for Katie she loved him for years from afar. As fate would have it Charlie and Katie began to date but only in the evening hours, Katie always had an excuse why she couldn’t meet earlier. You see she was afraid to tell Charlie for when you tell someone you’re sick you become more like a disease than a person.

Katie began to spend more time with Charlie always avoiding the conversation until one night she had no choice. Little did she know that the one night she would have loved to watch a sunrise it would be the beginning to an end. Secrets get revealed, love grows stronger, Charlie sees his future and Katie leaves a lasting impression with a song. Is life truly worth living if you’re not actually living it? People build up walls and sometimes you can tear them down but if not they should never be judged for trying to protect themselves from the misunderstood. Life can be like a song book that you want no one to read but when they do and the results are revealing then like the lyrics of a love song life can be good no matter how long it may be.

I absolutely loved this story from the direction to the writing it hit home for me in many ways making it very relatable to me personally and I think it will be too many others as well. If you want a good cry and want to believe in true love and the goodness of the human spirit than this film is a must see. It pulls you in and takes command of your soul, your wants and wishes, your hopes and dreams and in the end the realities of life. A beautiful score with some great cinematography only add to a beautiful yet sad but loving story. This is the perfect date movie.

Thorne is outstanding in this role, she makes you fall in love with her and the life she lives yet the life she longs for. Schwarzenegger grew on me since at first I was uncertain if he could match his leading lady in the performance level. I felt he comes close but just not to the level of Thorne. Riggle who usually tends to work in comedy is that dad any child would love to have at home. Shephard is that friend that everyone wishes to have, non-judgmental and supportive, a friend that is there for you in good and bad times. Accompanied by a good group of supporting actors this story will grab your heart and not let go even when the movie is over. Maybe more people should listen and look at people not for their disease or disability but the fact that they too are a person just like everyone else that hurts, breaths the same air and all they want is to be heard and loved.

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