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Paddington 2 Featured

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Paddington 2

Review written by Georgia Malpartida

Special Correspondent, Carina Cleary, age 6, contributed to this article.


Paddington 2 is based on the series of children’s stories written by Michael Bond.

The movie opens with a memory from Paddington’s early life and how he came to bond so deeply with his Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pastuzo, even though he now lives far away in London with the Brown family. In London we see Paddington has a very close bond with the members of the Brown family, all of which are developing special interests in their spare time. The community of friendship in Paddington’s surroundings is also evident in the neighborhood.

The story line unfolds by revealing Paddington’s desire to purchase a pop-up book of London for his Aunt Lucy’s birthday. The book is currently being sold at a local antique shop so Paddington decides to work a number of odd jobs in order to purchase the book for his aunt. The book is stolen, and Paddington is wrongfully accused of being the thief. His journey to find the true criminal and recover the book takes us to the unlikely setting of a prison where Paddington charms his fellow inmates and creates an environment of joy and happiness. A key moment is when he befriends the mean chef of the prison by accidentally sharing his marmalade sandwich! Through Paddington’s developing friendships we learn more about the characters in the film and find ourselves reflecting on our perceptions of others.

The film is very appropriate for children and entertaining for adults! The value of friendships and a positive attitude shapes the plot line while entertaining us with high paced adventure sequences. From a prison break to train chases, Paddington and the Brown family never stop helping and caring for each other. The special talents the Brown family has acquired personally come in hand at important points in the film which demonstrates how important it is to pursue a variety of interests. Paddington’s ability to positively impact people is felt by the audience. It is a wonderful film for the whole family, with the hopeful message being: “If you’re kind and polite, the world will be right”.

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