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Review written by Jon Patch with 3 paws out of 4

Sausage Party

Columbia Pictures, Annapurna Pictures, Nitrogen Studios Canada and Point Grey Pictures present an R rated, 89 minute, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, directed by Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon, screenplay by Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir with a theater release date of August 12, 2016.


Well before I get into the synopsis of this story I’ll just say if you’re a fan of James Franco and Seth Rogen and their past films you will truly love this animated bad language, sexual situation and just anything goes fruit and vegetable porn fest that actually has a plot. Disclaimer: no children should step foot near this animated love/hate, truth or dare who would have thought foul mouthed beyond adult fare cartoon.

The sun rises and glistens through the front windows of Shopwell’s Super Market and all the fruits and vegetables, canned or fresh, potato chips, mustard, ketchup and meats among all the other grocery items are ready to open up with the morning song. Yes it’s off the wall but funny. Basically the song is out there to praise the Gods, aka humans, for choosing the grocery items and taking them home to a better life. The God’s work in mysterious ways and during this 4th of July many of the items hope to get chosen. No one more than Frank (voice of Seth Rogen) and Brenda (voice of Kristen Wiig) hope to be chosen together so he can finally slid his sausage into her buns. You get where I’m going here already well it gets worse in a funny way and does not stop but somehow gets even more graphic in the end. Think of the end in two different ways like the end of a story and the end meaning your back end. Again you have no idea!

Bickle’s Honey Mustard (voice of Danny McBride) has already been chosen but after making it home he was returned for the wrong item by his God. Although now Honey Mustard knows that humans are not God’s yet when threatened by Fire Water (voice of Bill Hader) to keep his lid shut he decides to end it all which ends up turning into a bloody war zone after two carts collide. This leads into Frank, Brenda and Douche (voice of Nick Kroll) lost in a store on their own out of their packages wondering if Honey Mustard was telling the truth. Eventually Douche ends up injured and taken by Darren (voice of Paul Rudd) to the black hole but Frank and Brenda carry on meeting up with Sammy Bagel (voice of Edward Norton) and Lavash (voice of David Krumholtz) in hopes of finding their way back to their aisles. One big problem the Douche has drained the juice and is back and wants revenge on Frank and Brenda for everything that happened. Nothing clean here either but apparently the Douche did a good job and liked it too! I guess you’ll never know unless you try it yourself!

It’s not until Frank takes a hit by Fire Water and his buddies Grits (voice of Craig Robinson) and Twink (voice of Scott Underwood) does he realize the truth and must go to the dark aisle to prove it. Along the way when Brenda, Lavash and Sammy get persuaded to a local Mexican bar where no one is legal it takes Teresa Taco (voice of Selma Hayek) to lead them to safety from the evil clutches of Douche. Meanwhile back at the God’s home not all is as expected and the God’s have turned on the grocery items in a hungry manner but when Carl (voice of Jonah Hill) and Barry (voice of Michael Cera) run for their lives one makes it and one doesn’t but the one that does ends up with a Druggie on bath salts (voice of James Franco) which leads him back to Shopwell’s but just not the same sausage he once was. In the end God’s can be killed, truth can set you free, Gum (voice of Scott Underwood) is your friend, and in an all-out war there is hope against termination all leading into one big orgy that will leave you speechless and baked.

The film is typical Franco and Rogen, the voices are all their friends and the animation is great with an appropriate score to fit the story line. Yes there is an actual story line which pulls away from some of the humor but never the raunchy innuendoes and all out climatic dialogue that may remind you of a used condom, yes that is in the story. I’m not touching that one any further. There are many situations, many stabs at orientation, religions and well everything, no holding back here. I actually enjoyed the film, did not laugh as much as I thought I would, was taken back a few times and left to lift my lower lip off the floor but overall it’s truly a fun pornographic, bad language, sexual explicit adult film that the 18 to 35 year olds will enjoy most of all. Remember absolutely no children should see this adult themed animated comedy and if they do don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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