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CBS Films, Good Universe and Gidden Media present a PG-13, 105 minute, comedy, directed by Jon Turteltaub and written by Dan Fogelman with a theater release of November 1, 2013.

Four young boys, Billy (Noah Harden), Paddy (RJ Fatton), Sam (Phillip Wampler), Archie (Aaron Bantum) along with Sophie (Olivia Stuck) are collecting memories in a store photo booth. Minutes later a bully gets punched and the boys run out of the store with a bottle of booze that goes unopened for 58 years.
58 years later, Billy (Michael Douglas) while living in Malibu calls his pals to come to Las Vegas for his marriage to Lisa (Bre Blair) a woman half his age and then some.  Sam (Kevin Kline) is living in Florida with his wife Miriam (Joanna Gleason) both unhappy in life she allows him a hall pass while in Vegas.  Archie (Morgan Freeman) is a grandpa in New Jersey living with his son Ezra (Michael Ealy) and his wife (Karen Ceesay).  Paddy (Robert De Niro) lives in Brooklyn, New York and as of a year ago lost his wife Sophie and mourns her death to this day.  His neighbor Elizabeth (Ashley Spillers) otherwise known as the soup lady is constantly trying to hook Paddy up with her grandmother but with very little success.  Paddy and Billy have been feuding for the past year since Billy did not attend Sophie’s funeral.  He had his reasons unknown at this time to Paddy.
With a little convincing and few white lies the guys are in Vegas.  When they hear the voice of an angel coming from a casino lounge they all meet their first eligible woman Diana (Mary Steenburgen), too old for American Idol but still young enough for the Vegas strip.  After a mix up on their rooms they end up at the Aria Hotel yet thanks to Archie and his life savings what could have been a disaster ends up being a princess story which involves their own hotel assistant Lonnie (Romany Malco), a penthouse suite and an adventure yet to come that will last them a lifetime, however short that is.  Drinking, dancing, bikini contests, girls, girls and more girls the weekend turns into a bachelor party like one Billy will never forget.  In the end, some liquor just can’t last past the expiration date, some friendships are meant to last forever, you can’t ever tell a woman who to love and one favor always deserves a favor.  No more feeling old and alone when you know you have friends like the Flatbush four and thanks to some eye contact 58 days later Billy goes the distance for round two but this time a bit closer to his age.
“The Hangover” had Tyson and this similar story line but for the older generation has 50 Cent but either way this film will be enjoyed by all, young and old.  Great direction, superb writing and some wonderful photography and music makes this film truly a must see.  It contains some hysterical lines and predicaments that involves the guys but also reaches out to the heart strings when it touches on their personal stories and struggles.  Overall though, it is absolutely hysterical.
Douglas looking good as ever is perfection, as is Freeman who by the way can really shake it down.  Kline and De Niro are truly spectacular making this cast of the fab four a must see by all.  If you liked “the Hangover” films you will like this story although remember it is not in the R rated category and really doesn’t have to be.  Steenburgen is a nice addition to the cast as she portrays a bit of grounding for the guys rivalry.  There are a number of supporting cast members that all add a nice balance to the story but it is truly Douglas, Freeman, Kline and De Niro that carry this film making it one to see at the theater.  Written and thoroughly enjoyed with three paws out of four even though it’s a bit of a knock off of “The Hangover”, by Jon Patch.

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