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Fox Searchlight Pictures and Likely Story Productions present a PG-13, 93 minute, comedy, drama, directed and written by Nicole Holofcener with a theater release date of October 18, 2013.

Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is a middle aged divorced mother who works and lives in California as a traveling massage therapist.  She lives with her daughter Ellen (Tracey Fairaway) who is about to leave the nest and fly off to college to study history and possibly become a writer one day.  One evening Eva attends a party with her married friends Sarah (Toni Collette) and Will (Ben Falcone) and little did she know her world would be transformed.  She meets a new client at the party, poet Marianne (Catherine Keener) who later becomes a dear friend.  That same evening Eva meets a potential date named Albert (James Gandolfini) who happens to work at the Library of Television History. 
Eva is a bit rough around the edges and well Albert is just a bit casual with his appearance, weight and overall just kind of set in his ways.  The older we get the more we all tend to become set in our ways.  Albert and Eva have their first date which consists of dinner, ice cream and no kiss.  On their second date, brunch at his house, the pet peeves start to surface.   She opens up about her past ever so slightly and so does he and shortly after Eva meets his daughter Tess (Eve Hewson) a young girl who aspires to one day work in the fashion world. 
Eva befriends Marianne as a client and friend and like most of her clients she listens to her troubles.  It’s not until she eventually begins to piece parts of the puzzle together that she realizes she has more than stories and massages in common with Marianne, she has Albert and deciding to keep it a secret from everyone is not exactly the best choice.  If not for Ellen’s best friend Chloe (Tavi Gevinson) Eva might have had no one besides Sarah to bounce her thoughts off of about life, sex and relationships which by the way has scorned her daughter Ellen since Eva has been spending more time with Chloe. 
Eva is getting to know Albert better as time goes on but by listening to his ex-wife some of the information may be correct but it also may be jaded which of course is not a good choice for all people involved especially when all the people don’t know that all the people are involved.  If you follow my drift!  Arguments ensue; doubt rears its ugly head and until the truth is told poison continues to seep into a possible future for Eva and Albert which could ultimately lead to a broken heart.
The story is nicely written yet thankfully only 93 minutes.  It is well directed but becomes a bit slow at times wishing that some of the supporting characters had a bit more screen time.  There is nice character development for the two leads Dreyfus and Gandolfini but as for the other characters they just seem to push the story along rather than be part of it.
Dreyfus is definitely looking a bit tired in this film although that tends to be her character but I kept hoping for a Cinderella moment that never really comes.  Gandolfini as well looks a bit tattered and heavy but does justice to his character as does Dreyfus.  Sad that this film was his last since I know he is a stronger actor than what he delivered here.  Like I said it’s too bad the other actors weren’t utilized more since most of the funny lines were delivered by Dreyfus and sparsely by anyone else.  I am a fan of Collette and other than her accent that seemed to shiver from time to time she does a fine job.  My only complaint is that she did not receive more on screen time and as for Falcone he was hardly a contributor.  Even the daughters, Fairaway and Hewson could have had more to do and say in this story but were only used it seemed to fill time.  Thankfully Keener had some time to share with the audience which added a bit more drama allowing Dreyfus to contribute a bit more humor.  Overall I enjoyed the film but I can definitely say it will not appeal as much to the under 40 crowd.  It is however a true statement to life in the over 40 category.  Happy to know we can still laugh at that sometimes.  Written and appreciated with two paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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