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The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones Featured

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Screen Gems, Constantin Film Production, Don Carmody Productions and Unique Features present a 130 minute, PG-13, action, adventure, drama, directed by Harald Zwart, written by Jessica Postigo, based on a novel by Cassandra Clare with a theater release date of August 21, 2013.

Clary (Lily Collins), a young girl growing up with her artist mother Jocelyn (Lena Headey) seems to be living the normal life in a small apartment in Brooklyn, New York.  Clary never knew her father so the closest male figure besides her best friend Simon (Robert Sheehan) is her mother’s friend Luke (Aidan Turner).  Her mother struggles with telling her daughter about the real world she lives in and not just the one that normal people think they live in.  It’s not until Clary begins to see a familiar symbol that things in her life suddenly start to change, things and people that only she can see and no one else, at least at first.  When her mother disappears and her apartment is trashed Clary begins to rely on a male vision named Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower) that at first only she can see that is until Simon and others begin to see him as well.
Jace belongs to a group known as the Shadow Hunters.  They are headquartered in New York City at a building known as the Institute run by a man named Hodge (Jared Harris).  When Clary feels that there is no one else she can trust besides Jace she and Simon take refuge at the Institute where they meet Alec (Kevin Zegers) and his sister Isabelle (Jemima West).  Clary with the help of the Shadow Hunters are now on a quest to find her mother since she knows the whereabouts of the cup, a challis with special powers Valentine (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is after to control the world.  Jace informs Clary that in this new world that she is becoming a part of that no one is to be trusted.
On a Journey to find her mother, gain her suppressed memories and find the cup for Jace and the Shadow Hunters, Clary along with Simon become part of a hidden world unknown to the average human being but for Clary her life and that of Simon’s is no longer average.  She meets a warlock named Magnus Bane (Godfrey Gao) who was friends with her mother, Dorothea (CCH Pounder) a down stairs neighbor in her building who happens to be a witch along with many werewolves, vampires, black birds, demons, evil henchmen Blackwell (Robert Maillet) and Pangborn (Kevin Durand) and is shown a portal that could transport her to her most recent memories. 
In a fight to the finish between good and evil, demons and angels, Clary finds out exactly who her mother is, as well as who she is along with the identity of her father and potential sibling.  In the end the secret her mother tried to keep from her for so many years is now safe with Clary.  At least for now!
I’m not familiar with these series of six books beginning with “City of Bones” but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this story which is filled with drama, humor, action, adventure, mystery, intrigue and some issues common in the political and religious worlds.  There is definitely some great direction and some brilliant writing which has a bit of humor thrown in with some dark dramatic dialogue.  There is a great score mixed in with some superb special effects and this “Twilight” mixed with “Harry Potter” mixed with a bit of “Percy Jackson” as well as a take on “Dante’s Inferno” is well worth seeing.  The scene with the Rottweiler turned demon was a bit bizarre which overall the effects were good but at one or two moments it reminded me of the cigar smoking dog Triumph that you used to see on Conan.  Albeit overall this film is a bit long but at least it is entertaining and keeps your attention from beginning to end. 
It has a wonderful cast and I really can’t say that I was disappointed with any of them.  Of course Collins is the shining star and rightfully so since she really does a nice job as the leading lady.  Sheehan was a good support to Collins as he falls in love with his best friend.  I was a little uncertain of Bower at times but he definitely grows on you as the film progresses.  Zegers, West, Maillet, Durand and Harris all do justice to their roles as does Headey who kicks some major butt in her opening scene and Turner who wins you over with his beautiful smile.    Overall I absolutely enjoyed this film.  It has a few hiccups along the way in the beginning but half way in right up to the end it really comes together showing off some really exciting visual effects, wardrobe, dialogue and cast.  Written and recommended with two and half paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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