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Universal Pictures, Plan B Entertainment and MARV Films present a 103 minute, R rated, action, crime, comedy, directed by Jeff Wadlow, written by Wadlow and Mark Millar with a theater release date of August 16, 2013.

Since Big Daddy has departed his friend and ex-partner Marcus (Morris Chestnut) is raising a fifteen year old Mindy Macready (Chloe Grace Moretz) otherwise known as Hit Girl.  Her father’s wishes were for Mindy to live a normal life and hang up her super-hero cap and Marcus is trying to hold her to it as she attends Millard Fillmore High School.  She is friends at school with Dave Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) otherwise known as Kick-Ass and although Mindy has given up her fight for rights he has decided to still continue to hit the streets to protect the unprotected and innocent.  So until she gets caught lying to Marcus, Mindy has been sneaking out of school to train Dave to be a better fighter on his own.
Meanwhile on Long Island Chris D’Amico (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) once known as Red Mist has decided to change his ways and now fight as a super-villain rather than a hero and has taken the name, “The Mother F----r”.  Since he killed his mother and now has become the richest kid in New York he decided to dress in leather, wear a mask and since he can’t hold a fight on his own he hired a team of bad guys to back him up, Black Death (Daniel Kaluuya) yes he’s black, The Tumor (Andy Nyman), Genghis Carnage (Tom Wu) yes he’s Asian, Mother Russia (Olga Kurkulina) yes she’s built like a brick well you know, along with a group of others to seek havoc on the city and most of all JF which stands for Justice Forever.
Since Hit Girl would not return to battle, Kick Ass decided to join Justice Forever lead by Colonel Stars and Strips (Jim Carrey) and his trusty dog Eisenhower (Cinna the German Shepard), along with Night Bitch (Lindy Booth), Insect Man (Robert Emms), Battle Guy (Clarke Duke), Dr. Gravity (Donald Faison), Tommy’s Dad (Steven Mackintosh), Tommy’s Mum (Monica Dolan) and soon thereafter a band of others including Ass Kicker (Augustus Prew).  Mindy was at school honoring her father’s wishes under the watchful eyes of Marcus but when she tries to fit in with the mean girls led by Brooke (Claudia Lee) things don’t go as planned for initiation into civilian life.  A matter of fact after The Mother F----r takes revenge on innocent people including Mr. Lizewski (Garrett M. Brown) and members of Justice Forever Hit Girl is back in action and out for war.  Their lives are not a comic book but rather real life and if they die then they really do die and some do on both the good and bad side of this battle of homemade super-heroes and villains.  Even though shark week has come to a close for one super-villain it went out like a scene from “Jaws”.  As for one particular super-hero well she finally got her first kiss leading into a real hit and run. 
The story picks up where the first leaves off and you pretty much need to be familiar with it unless you follow the comics.  The film airs at a good length not too long and not too short yet filled with a lot of action, story line, plot and for the most part character development although other than the leads it would have been nice if they spent some time helping us to understand a little more of the supporting characters backgrounds.  Apparently the writers once again stuck to some well-developed lines filled with a number of words I did not mention here in this review nor would or could I mention on the radio.  I can see why Jim Carrey did not want to promote the film since there certainly is quite a bit of violence surrounding young and old but hopefully the audience is able to differentiate the differences between real and fake, good and evil and right from wrong.  These days you really do have to question that theory!
Moretz is really kick ass good on both sides of the fence as the good girl but even more so as the bad girl with good intentions she can really keep up her end of the stick in a fight with any size villain and looks real when she’s doing it.  Taylor-Johnson plays a nerd well but when he needs to he knows how to bring out the true kick ass in him adding a bit of sex appeal to his geeky self.  Mintz-Plasse was ideal bringing out his inferior weird self-matched with a fire of insanity as he and his villains wreak havoc on the super-heroes.  Chestnut doesn’t have a huge role but plays it well as a guardian concerned for a young girl’s life.  John Leguizamo who plays Javier the assistant to The Mother F----r is not a permanent figure in the story but a delight on screen as always.  As for the rest of the supporting characters both on the side of good and evil they all added something to the story and helped to keep it interesting from start to finish.  The big surprise was Carrey who by the way I did not even recognize as the Colonel but he really gave the role his all even if he did not do the same for the promotion on this film.  Overall the film has a decent story with a lot of bad language, fight scenes, death, drama, some jokes, good acting, some nice direction and a kick ass German Shepard that likes balls.  Throughout it all with an R rating it won’t reach the audience that will bring it the money it needs domestically especially since I thought the first was much better than this one but internationally it should do well as did the first.  Written yet enjoyed with two paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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