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Grown Ups 2 Featured

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Columbia Pictures, Happy Madison Productions and Sony Pictures present a 101 minute, PG-13, comedy, directed by Dennis Dugan, written by Fred Wolf and Adam Sandler with a release date of July 12, 2013.

Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler) has left Hollywood to move back to his hometown to raise his two sons Greg (Jake Goldberg), Keithie (Cameron Boyce) and his daughter Becky (Alexys Nicole Sanchez) with his beautiful wife Roxanne (Salma Hayek).  Does this woman ever get old or ugly?  She looks phenomenal once again!  A wonderful sunny morning Lenny wakes up to his gorgeous wife and a deer.  Yes, a deer, antlers and all and from that moment on in the opening scene it is absolutely hysterical. 
Eric Lamonsoff (Kevin James) is married to Sally (Maria Bello) both raising a daughter Donna (Ada-Nycole Sanger) and a young son Bean (Frank and Morgan Gingerich).  He runs the auto repair shop in town and enjoys spending lunch with his mother (Georgia Engel) watching Latin soap-operas. 
Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock) works for Quantum Cable has a wife Deanne (Maya Rudolph) and three children Andre (Nadji Jeter), Charlotte (China Anne McClain) and the youngest Ronnie (Kaleo Elam).  Sometimes in Ronnie’s diaper one may find a hidden forgotten treasure that has been twenty years in the making. 
Marcus Higgins is still single sleeping with anything but a #10 until one phone call later from his old flame Hiccup he discovers he’s a father of a son he never knew he had, Braden (Alexander Ludwig).  He looks like Marcus, dresses like him but stands twice his size and holds a grudge for lost time.  Then not to forget Nick (Nick Swardson) the school bus driver for Stanton High School amongst other things that lives for great adventures and near death experiences that he never realizes he’s having but enjoys every moment of them as long as he remembers them. 
The story revolves around all these guys their families and a day’s encounters in a small town.  There is absolute hysterics from the morning straight into the night as these families come face to face with a variety of characters.  There are a vast amount of supporting actors and cameo’s in this story, too many to mention but I can guarantee the majority of them will leave you laughing especially if you were part of growing up in the 80’s.  Whether jumping off a cliff naked, fighting with an entire frat run by top frat boy Andy (Taylor Lautner), coming face to face with an old and new bully, riding a tire for miles, getting your car washed, burping, sneezing, farting, wrestling a deer, making out with a dog, staining your underwear, enjoying T&A, finding out Indiana Jones is gay, and the muscle chick wears a jock than this film is a must see for you. 
Probably one of my favorite Sandler films even though it’s a bit weak on story line but strong on funny, a lot happens in the life of the Feder family in one day.  From time to time the story will have you asking, what?  You’ll understand that line when you see the film although towards the end the joke got a bit old.  The only change I would have liked to see is during the fight between Lenny and Andy.   I think a cameo by my friend Bob Barker would have been hysterical.  For those of you that remember “Happy Gilmore” you definitely would have gotten the joke although the one they used is still quite endearing.  A great score with some awesome wardrobe and superb writing makes this film worthy of seeing.  Based on what I recall from the first one this one is much better and stands alone on its own.  The cast makes this film and will have you laughing out loud.  Sandler is ideal and of course leads the cast but every other actor is spot on and adds nothing but perfection to the so many funny scenes throughout this movie.  You’ll be surprised by the many faces laced throughout the story whether acting as cops, old girlfriends, frat boys, car washers or members of the 80’s party at Lenny’s house there is a lot that goes on so keep your eyes open and your ears tuned in over the laughs.  Written and thoroughly enjoy except for the party dog moment with three paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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