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FilmDistrict, TriStar Pictures and Ghost House Pictures present a 91 minute, R rated, remake horror film directed by Fede Alvarez with screenplay by Alvarez and Diablo Cody with a theater release date of April 5, 2013.

A young girl (Phoenix Connolly)walking through the forest, blood dripping down her arms, her face cut up and suddenly a man jumps on top of her and screams “caught the bitch”.  Next thing you know a group of scary people in some old dwelling along with one familiar face to the young girl are standing around her in fear as dead cats dangle from the ceiling.  An old woman (Sian Davis)reads from the evil book and the next thing you know the familiar face is lighting the girl on fire with his last words to her “I love you baby”.  Dead cats!  Did the writers really have to go there!  It’s bad enough when they kill one animal for a story line let alone many of them.  Even though the director Alvarez did not really have to add this scene to the story for it to make sense it was truly one intense opening moment.
A new day and a new group of people enter the forest, kind of a reunion you might say amongst a group of five twenty something’s.  Three of them have been in constant touch with each other, Olivia (Jessica Lucas) a practical nurse, Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) a teacher and Mia (Jane Levy) the reason for coming to the cabin in the woods.  Yes another cabin that happens to be in the woods but that was another film.  Soon the three are met by David (Shiloh Fernandez) Mia’s brother and Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore) David’s girlfriend.  An added nice touch to the story is Grandpa (Inca), no not an old man but rather the family dog to Mia and David.  Of course like the fate of the cats you already know the odds are against the dog.  No nine lives here!  So all five are gathered at the old family cabin that is filled with memories of Mia and David’s mother along with some recently added odors but the real reason for the trip is to help Mia kick the habit.  A drug addict that intends to go cold turkey with the help of her friends and brother, although one problem when she becomes possessed by a demon the friends at first assume her odd behavior is due to coming off drugs.
Well, not really!  Actually thanks to Eric who along with everyone else who discovered the cellar full of dead cats they also found the evil book.  Now for a cliché moment he decides to open the book which clearly states not to and he continues to read the four evil words and bang the reason for Mia’s demon.  Literally from this moment on the film turns into a complete gore fest with some similarities to films like “Carrie”, “The Exorcist”, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and of course the original “Evil Dead”.  Not to say that’s a bad thing for the die-hard horror fans out for a lot of violence, blood and very little dialogue.  In the end all the five except for one become the “devil’s bitch” but the big question is if that one person is the final person to walk out alive, not quite intact but at least breathing as the demon goes back to hell.  One major problem something remains in the same physical condition in the end as it did in the beginning leaving the gates of hell wide open for yet another visit.
The film is really entertaining and may have been a bit more intense and frightening if I did not have one person laughing throughout the entire movie, let this person not be a testament of the film, two guys quoting the original film during this film behind me and the ever so appreciated toe tapper over my right shoulder that said I still enjoyed the film being a horror fan myself.  The director does a nice job using CGI to create some awesome special effects that are really quite intense so much so that the squeamish may have to look away.  The writing is fairly well done but dialogue is not a main contribution to this blood-fest and the score although a bit odd is somewhat fitting to the carnage.
Overall though the actors all do a phenomenal job with the scenes with the exception of Blackmore who seems to come and go from most scenes and after her gore filled destructive scene seems to take on a bit of an unattached moment to her character, no pun intended!  Levy is truly the shining star her along with the Abomination Mia (Randal Wilson) that at times brought me to momentary flashbacks to my friend Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”.  Fernandez is eye candy for the girls in more of the boy next door type but he also does justice to his role along with Pucci and Lucas.  Finally though if you’re out for an evening at the theater for a film filled with strong violence, gore, blood, strong language sure to leave you seeing red then this forest dwelling demon fright fest is all you.  Once again the animals in a horror film become the acts of violence, sad but true in real life as well, so if you see something that looks like animal violence to you in your neighborhood always remember to report it to the authorities.  Written and reviewed with two paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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