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Summit Entertainment, Make Movies and Mandeville Films present a 97 minute, PG-13, horror, comedy, directed and written by Jonathan Levine and novel by Isaac Marion with a theater release date of February 1, 2013.

Not exactly sure what happened other than an apocalypse and many of the alive or now dead.  Well they’re known as corpses but still walking amongst the dead zone which is most of the outer city areas, airport, villages, and factory areas.  They share the dead zone with Bonies which are way more evil and ugly than the corpses.  Actually they’re literally walking skeletons that eat anything with a heart.  Grant it the corpses, like our leading man R (Nicholas Hoult) and his best zombie friend M (Rob Corddry) still eat brains and all but at least they’re conflicted about it.  The one thing with R is that he is a bit different than the other corpses, he lives at the airport on a plane, listens to music and has a little speech but he is still a member of the walking dead who happens to narrate much of the film between his time alive and now dead.
When a group of humans leave their fortress, the inner city surrounded by a huge wall and led by Grigio (John Malkovich) to find supplies they meet up with more than they bargained for, especially Julie (Teresa Palmer) Grigio’s daughter.  After they get over-taken and eaten by a group of corpses lead by R who happens to kill Julie’s ex-boyfriend Perry (Dave Franco) R decides to keep Julie safe and takes her back to his plane.  R does of course take along a bit of a snack for later, Perry’s brain, which while eating them he is able to obtain the victims memories.  Since corpses can’t dream than memories are all they have between life and death, so to speak. 
So the story takes on the typical boy meets girl, then he loses girl when she attempts to run away, not a smart idea when in the middle of the dead zone but then he gets girl back but then loses her again until he finds her again.  Either way the movie turns a bit into a love story with romance between R and Julie but also layered with comical scenes and thanks mainly to the Bonies a bit intense at times.  So things begin to change for R and the corpses when they eventually start to feel things which were sparked from the relationship between Julie and R.  But all is not good in zombie land since the corpses need to convince the humans of their change and it may be too late since the Bonies are out to destroy not only the two love birds but the entire population that has a beating heart. 
Well earlier when R saved Julie from the brain eaters it turns out to be her turn to save him but it may be too late.  But thanks to the help from her best friend Nora (Analeigh Tipton) R may just turn into the pretty woman or in his case man that he was meant to be or once was.  Sometimes it takes a huge fall to prove to oneself that you can feel hurt but thanks to the feelings of love you can pick yourself up and live again.  Everything in the life of unknown starts off a little scary but hopefully in the end the walls one builds around themselves come tumbling down creating a new life from an old one.
I actually loved this film, the direction was well done overall and the writing was exceptional.  Grant it the character R seems a bit far-fetched from our experience with the zombie world but that is one thing that makes this film stand out is that it is original with its delivery in the horror genre adding comedy, romance and adventure.  A cool mix of tunes throughout the film along with some intriguing visuals, special effects and make-up and this story is actually worthy of a date night which will keep the guys entertained and the girls tugging on their heart strings.  Interesting though that the film featured some cows and goats in their true form but none in a zombie state so I guess the so called lesser species were the first to disappear in the dead zone.  I wonder what their memories were like while the zombies ate their brains, probably a lot of grass eating.  Hoult is truly entertaining although he seems to come in and out of character at times but then again he is evolving throughout the film so that premise covers that theory.  Palmer is a great support to Hoult’s character as these two actors are the main focus throughout the entire story.  Malkovich has a small role but plays it well as does Franco and Tipton but it is Corddry that steals many scenes throughout the story in the supportive role as M the friend to R.  Albeit in the end I totally enjoyed this film that is somewhat predictable yet fresh and beyond the norm.  Written with 3 out of 4 paws by Jon Patch.

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