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Hey Lifebooster, Happy Blueberry Pie day! THIS flavor has taken over my house, LITERALLY! You see, my biggest fan for Lifeboost Coffee is... ... my wife. As soon as I let her try it, She fell in love with our Low Acid Single Origin Medium Roast Beans that you have grown to love. The problem, is that anything else I brought to her? She wouldn't give the light of day to. She would just keep saying... "Just give me my medium roast. It's the best. I don't want anything else. " (Yes, yes, she's a sassy one) That is, until I brought out a very particular flavor... Cinnamon Blueberry Crumble. SHE FELL IN LOVE. I don't know why. I asked her and she doesn't even know why. She just said "I can't get enough of it, it makes my morning and my mouth happy" She told me it was perfectly balanced and she doesn't even add cream or sugar to it! Straight black. And she says "it's sooo delicious!" Who am I to argue. I love it too. I LOVE mine cold brewed with organic heavy whipping cream. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Simply delicious!! So now, my house smells like wonderful Blueberry Crumble :-) Since we make these in small batches, I do have a limited number of bags. If you want to be one of the first to get one, I have 150 bags in stock. Well, 148 because my wife took two of them. :-) Save Me A Cinnamon Bluberry Crumble NOW! Our coffee artisans at Lifeboost set out to create the perfect blend of blueberry, cinnamon, and of course the crumble... BUT without the sugar, calories, or artificial ingredients of those coffee shop concoctions. We’ve taken natural blueberry extract, juicy, sweet, and with just a little “bite” – And paired it with fresh cinnamon and a natural crumble essence To create a complex, low acid, single origin, specialty bean flavored coffee This is as satisfying as it is robust. You won't be disappointed. Go here to get your share of the 148 bags left! Like I said. This is HANDS DOWN my wife's favorite coffee. So what that means is that it's got the wife seal of approval! Dr Charles Livingston CEO of LifeboostCoffee P.S. Your Lifeboost of the day: Tough times never last, but tough people do! - Robert Schuller P.P.S. How long has she been drinking this particular flavor daily? 4 years now!! Add the word PETS for 30% off your first orders

K9-Tea is THE FIRST Pet Beverage Brewed in a Single Serve Coffee Brewer­­­

Exciting new pet product lets you enjoy a cup of tea with your dog!

K9-Tea is 2.0 Compatible!

Olympia, WA: K9-Tea™ like the name implies is tea for dogs! What you may not know is how it is brewed … just slip the k-cup®* into your single serve brewer press a button and you have a healthy tea made for your dog, let it cool and pour over their food.

BARK BLEND™ is the first blend being produced and is packed with antioxidants and vitamins from herbs such as Green Tea, Echinacea and Dandelions. This is the simplest way to boost your pet’s intake of healthy foods!

JUMPING JACKS™ will be produced in 2017 and will be a calming and anti-inflammatory blend for helping with joints and senior needs.

ABOUT US: The owner of Pet Spa, Llc has been raising puppies on raw, organic, cooked, whole foods and has documented the incredible change she has seen in the health of her puppies. For 20 years she has gained knowledge and consulted with numerous pet experts from pet foods, veterinarians, cancer clinics, and dietitians. Through her research and now having 3rd generation organic dogs, she is constantly fighting to get healthier foods into her dogs and into her client’s hands. “It’s one thing to have a healthy dog these days and another to keep them healthy”. This was the impetus to create the K9-Tea™. She now has a patent pending for this wonderful product that is actually fun to make and share with your pet.

Ingrid Sutton won the 2001 BBB Most Innovative Business of the year for Washington State for her store called Pet Spa which featured her K9Spa’s, this is the next big product of her career! From Intel to Internet sales she is inventing the future and it is local and home grown!

You can find K9-Tea™ on-line (www.K9-Tea.com) and order from there, but we expect the product to soon be sold across the country in pet stores and supplied in higher end hotels and dog day cares.

*k-cup® is a registered trademark of Keurig and not affiliated with us (K9-Tea or Pet Spa, LLC)