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Talkin' Pets News

February 25, 2023

Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Dr. Adriana Seidl - St. Francis Pet Care Center, Tarpon Springs, FL

Producer - Lexi Adams

Network Producer - Ben Boquist

Social Media - Bob Page

Special Guests - Dr. Chris Carpenter, Founder of Vet Set Go and Kimberly West of VCA Animal Hospitals to discuss the next generation of Veterinary Professionals and the "Become a Veterinarian Camp Contest" at 630pm ET

Talkin' Pets News

February 19, 2022

Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Jillyn Sidlo - Celestial Custom Dog Services, Tampa, Florida

Producer - Devin Leech

Network Producer - Ben Boquist

Social Media - Bob Page

Special Guest - Monica Engebretson, Head of Public Affairs North America for Cruelty Free International, will join Jon & Talkin' Pets 2/19/22 at 5pm ET to discuss The HEARTS Act

Animals need your HEARTS 

Support Humane Alternatives to Animal Experiments

Sacramento, CA

Whomever you are giving your love to, animal protection NGO Cruelty Free International asks that you spare a little piece of your HEARTS for our animals.

Almost one million animals – including cats, dogs, and rabbits - are kept in laboratories in the USA or used in experiments every year, and this number excludes many millions more rats, mice, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. The federal Humane and Existing Alternatives in Research and Testing Sciences (HEARTS) Act says that the National Institutes of Health (NIH), our nation’s medical research agency, should use already approved animal-free methods before subjecting animals to cruel and painful experiments that often end in their death.

Surely anyone with a heart would support that. It seems like common sense, and you probably thought that they were already required to do it – especially as almost 80 percent of people across the political divide agree.[1]

you can show your love for animals and help the HEARTS Act to become law. It was introduced to Congress last year by Representative Lucille Roybal-Allard(D-CA)andRepresentative Ken Calvert(R-CA), and you can email your Representative to ask them to support it too.

The HEARTS Act has the potential to improve both the quality and compassion of science in the United States and save animals from suffering and death.

MonicaEngebretson, Head of Public Affairs North America for Cruelty Free International, said,“Modern non-animal testing methods spare animals from suffering in laboratories and dying in painful experiments. They are alsoincreasingly less costly and more human-relevant than animal tests.

“Replacing animal tests does not mean putting human patients at risk or halting medical progress. Instead, it will improve the quality as well as the humaneness of our science. Thetime is right for the NIH to prioritize the use of existing humane and scientifically valid alternatives in research and testing.”

[1] SurveyUSA nationwide poll, August 2019 

Cruelty Free Internationalis one of the world’s longest standing and mostrespectedanimal protection organizations and works on animal testing issues globally and in the United States. The organization is widely regarded as an authority on animal testing issues and is frequently called upon by governments, media, corporations and official bodies for its advice or expert opinion.www.crueltyfreeinternational.org.

A: 16a Crane Grove, London, N7 8NN, UK

If you want to make a donation to help us continue our campaigning to end the suffering of animals in laboratories you can do this online by clicking here or calling us on 0207 700 4888. As always, it is only with your fantastic support behind us that we are able to continue our mission.