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GenSol Diagnostics Launches the Next Generation of Canine Genetic Testing for

Breeders, Veterinarians and Companion Pet Owners


First-of-its-Kind “Breed-Specific Customizable Panels”

are Fast, Accurate and Affordable

Clayton, Georgia – 27 June 2023 –GenSol Diagnostics, a leader in canine genetic testing, today announced the launch of the first “Breed-Specific Customizable Panels” that are completely personalized, allowing breeders, veterinarians and companion pet owners to easily test one, or multiple, genetic disorders all in one panel.

Individuals can now customize their own breed-specific panel based on GenSol’s recommendation of health tests and add color tests or additional tests of their choice. And if individuals know the tests they need, they can easily create their very own panel from scratch – all in minutes. This means only getting the test results one needs without the confusion created by test results not relevant to a particular breed.

The launch of GenSol’s “Breed-Specific Customizable Panels” are part of Gensol’s mission to contribute to pet health by making DNA testing broadly accessible to breeders, veterinarians and pet parents who make breeding or health decisions through fast, accurate and affordable tests. Currently, GenSol serves more than 190 breeds.

GenSol's new "Breed-Specific Customizable Panels" mean individuals only need a single swab per dog to test for as many health or coat color tests they want. There is no longer a need to take multiple swab samples from the same dog for different tests, which makes the process even easier.

GenSol’s genetic testing panels are an effective tool used to determine and cultivate genetically healthy breeding practices and as a diagnostic tool for preventative wellness planning.

“To further GenSol’s mission of promoting pet health, we’ve created the next generation of genetic testing to continue making it even more accessible and affordable than ever before,” said Dr. Micah Halpern, GenSol’s owner and principal scientist. “There’s nothing like our new ‘Breed-Specific Customizable Panels’ on the market, and those concerned about canine genetic testing will be thrilled with its ease of use and how fast and affordable it is.”

GenSol’s new “Breed-Specific Customizable Panels” were developed with three goals in mind:

  • Fast - While many testing facilities take one-to-six weeks for customers to receive results, Gensol continues its commitment to rapid turnaround delivering test results in just 24-to-48 hours from the time the samples are received.


  • Accurate - Gensol continues its commitment to providing accurate results through innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Its custom Laboratory Information Management System tracks samples at every stage from order to result. Combined with a highly automated laboratory process, human error is almost eliminated.
  • Affordable – GenSol continues its commitment to making genetic testing affordable by offering everyday low pricing. GenSol’s first test is only $29.90 and all subsequent tests in the same panel are less expensive, making it a very affordable option.

To order GenSol’s new “Breed-Specific Customizable Panels” or to learn more about them, please visit For questions and to speak with a GenSol representative, please call 844-369-3686.

About Gensol Diagnostics

Since 2014, GenSol Diagnostics has been bringing fast, accurate and affordable canine genetic testing to the market. Gensol was founded to address the growing need for canine genetic screening using innovation and state-of-the-art technology that reduces the cost and time to determine the results for better breeding and healthcare decisions. GenSol was founded and is owned by Dr. Micah Halpern, who has spent more than 25 years applying the tools of molecular diagnostics for a wide array of applications in several fields. GenSol’s tests are fast, accurate and affordable. For more information, visit

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