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David Angotti, Founder - will join Jon & Talkin' Pets at 5pm ET to discuss The Ultimate Guide to Jellyfish Featured

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Somewhere around the world, a friend is screaming in agony from the painful sting caused by a brush of jellyfish tentacles… What does the sting feel like? How should they treat it?  How much does the average person know when it comes to jellyfish? 
I am confident that you and your readers will find our Ultimate Guide to Jellyfish fascinating. It includes the following:
  • Spine-chilling, first-person accounts complete with photos and quotes about what it actually feels like to be stung by a jellyfish (graphic photos!)
  • The top 5 jellyfish myths - should you really pee on a sting?!?
  • Infographic of steps to minimize the pain following a jellyfish sting
In addition to the items listed above, there are videos, jellyfish photos, information on jellyfish found in each area, statistics, FAQs and tons of interesting facts! Here is a link to the full resource: 

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