The 2016 "PET HERO AWARD WINNERS"


The Pet Hero Awards™ are notably the nation’s most prestigious animal welfare award ceremony showcasing people, organizations, corporations, veterinarians and pets that serve to inspire others to promote animal welfare.  These awards showcase the causes and needs of those who protect animals.Co-Chairs, Georgina Bloomberg, Prince Lorenzo Borghese and myself invite all Media to cover an amazing event. Email Gregg Oehler directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Pet Hero Awards ceremony at the elegant Gotham Hall in Manhattan on Friday October 7th, 2016.The 2016 Award winners include an all-star lineup.Naomi Judd will be receiving the Humanitarian of the Year Award for her tireless work in lobbying in Washington, DC to ensure the safe return of all service dogs that have served in the US Military.


Alison Eastwood, actress, daughter of Clint Eastwood, and Founder of the Eastwood Ranch Foundation, is the Animal Advocate of the Year, recognized for her outstanding success with saving animals from kill shelters in Southern California.
Dr. Robin Ganzert
, will be accepting the Outstanding Animal Welfare Organization award as CEO of the American Humane Association whose efforts have impacted hundreds of millions of animals. The Petco Foundation is being awarded the Foundation of the Year for helping 4.9 million pets find homes.  Katie Cleary, Executive Producer and Writer of the movie, Give Me Shelter on Netflix, President of Peace for Animals, and Founder and Editor in Chief of the Animal News Network is receiving the Animal Welfare Spokesperson Award. 


The Heart Organization has earned the Animal Welfare Education Award for their national youth education program that teaches compassion and respect for all living beings. Jamie’s Rescue in Miami brings focus on the challenges of rescuing street dogs in inner cities and is awarded the Rescue Organization of the Year.
Outstanding Junior of the Year, Matthew Talbot, proves we are never too young to make a difference in saving animal lives. The Outstanding Pet, Amazing Grace, a dog destined to a gruesome death in a gas chamber survived and inspires humans to end this cruel, unnecessary way of eliminating dogs. Tributes for all Pet Hero Award winners are available on the website.

 "Humanitarian of the Year".... .......Naomi Judd                          

 "Animal Advocate of the Year"..... Alison Eastwood                 
"Foundation of the Year"...............The Petco Foundation 
 "Animal Welfare Spokesperson Award"....Katie Cleary 
"Animal Welfare Education Award"....The Heart Organization
"Rescue Organization of the Year"....Jamie's Rescue
"Outstanding Junior of the Year".......Matthew Talbot
"Outstanding Animal Welfare Organization"...American Humane Association, 
      Robin Ganzert...President/CEO

The Pet Philanthropy Circle will commemorate this special 5th anniversary with a VIP Cocktail Reception, the Awards Program, the Alex Donner Orchestra and entertainment by Beau Hulse.  This optional black tie event will be Co-hosted by Jewel Morris, Founder of the Pet Philanthropy Circle and David Frei, NBC Commentator and former Westminster Dog Show Host


Sponsors are welcome and currently include Subaru of America, the Park Lane Hotel, The Petco Foundation, American Humane Association, Hamptons Magazine, and Hamptons Pet "The Luxury Global Pet Magazine".


By showcasing these outstanding contributions, the Pet Philanthropy Circle hopes to inspire everyone to become involved in defending the rights of animals. Honorees and guests fly in from around the country to attend this enlightening and entertaining celebration of animals and the causes that protect them. 

For tickets or call 631 255- 7911 



Pet parents have a new home freshening option with Pet House Candles

Hollywood, Fl.  August 26, 2016– For many families, pets are beloved members of their households. Pet families who are preparing for the fall and winter holidays can now add a functional, beautiful and gift-ready holiday accessory with Pet House Candles.

Pet House Candles were developed by One Fur All and help families freshen their pet-loving homes. On August 15 the brand will release these classic fall fragrances:  Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cider, Sugared Cranberry and Falling Leaves.  For winter, One Fur All will release these favorites: Holidays Fur All, Evergreen Forest, Candy Cane and Gingerbread Cookies

All Pet-House Candles are made with an odor neutralizer so they are extremely effective.  In addition, these 100% natural soy candles are exquisitely fragranced leaving every pet family’s home smelling clean with notes of their favorite scent.  Pet House Candles made with 100% natural soy, cotton wicks and are paraffin and petroleum free.

“A comfortable, inviting home smells fresh and reminds us of favorite memories. We’ve developed candles that give pet families a beautiful home accessory leaving a pet family’s home odor free and smelling wonderful.” said Robert Eichner, co-founder of One Fur All.

The Pet House Candle line is the first brand launched by One Fur All, a pet family products company, founded in 2014. The candles are available at and in select pet retail locations around the country.

In addition to Pet House Candles, One Fur All has a full line of wax melts and car fresheners.


About One Fur All –  

One Fur All produces high-quality products for pet families while supporting non-profit rescue organizations. The company’s founders, Robert Eichner and David Neuwirth, created One Fur All to focus on developing products that freshen pet-loving homes. The company’s premium products are completely made in America and designed with human and pet family members in mind. One Fur All’s mission is to help pet families strengthen their bonds, contribute to finding homes for rescued animals and spread the joy of being a fur family.



The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred dog registry and leading advocate for dogs, is pleased to announce the second round of the AKC Paw of Courage award recipients, to show appreciation for the many sacrifices that working dogs make while serving and protecting our country. This award specifically recognizes the extraordinary sacrifices of dogs who have been severely injured or killed in the line of duty.

“These canine heroes have proven to be fearless and devoted,” said AKC Vice President Gina DiNardo. “They continuously put their lives on the line without hesitation and each of these dogs has made a significant sacrifice in the line of duty to protect us. They have truly touched the lives of many and we are proud to honor them with the AKC Paw of Courage as a symbol of our gratitude.”


Any working dog is eligible to receive the AKC Paw of Courage; the award is not specific to purebred dogs. Recipients of the award, or their former human partner, will receive a 2016 AKC Paw of Courage medal along with a certificate. In addition, the recipients will receive a photo and profile on

The second round of 2016 AKC Paw of Courage recipients are:

K9 Officer Nicky: of Las Vegas Metro Police Department, NV

K9 Nicky was an eight-year-old Belgian Malinois of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department in Nevada. He had been part of the department for over five years when he was shot and killed while responding to an incident with his handler, Sergeant Eric Kearns. The suspect was walking through a neighborhood reportedly shooting at people randomly. He had murdered two innocent people and was threatening the rest of the neighborhood. Nicky was deployed as officers attempted to take the subject into custody. During the course of apprehending the suspect, a firefight ensued between the suspect and the police and Nicky was killed during the shootout.

At the time of his tragic death, Nicky had only been back on duty for a little over a month after recovering from a previous incident where he was severely wounded. Nicky was deployed to apprehend a suspect who had been barricaded for over 12 hours. He quickly engaged the suspect who was armed with a machete and viciously attacked K9 Officer Nicky. He was rushed to the emergency vet where he underwent surgery to repair the machete wounds to his face, chest and paws. Nicky made a quick recovery and was anxious to get back to work, returning to full duty just 3 weeks after the incident. Sergeant Kearns says that even with scars on his face, it was clear that Nicky was happy to be back at work. During his career, Nicky had 99 apprehensions of suspects who had committed various crimes including burglary, robbery and murder.

Even as a puppy, Nicky’s potential was clear. He began his training in KNVP, the royal Dutch Police Dog Training program where he titled as a PH1 with honors. Nicky was a courageous, strong and driven K9 Officer. He enjoyed his work tremendously whether he was right in the action, searching for and apprehending suspects or just driving around with Sergeant Kearns, patrolling the streets of Las Vegas. K9 Nicky was a true hero who made the ultimate sacrifice to serve and protect. Nicky is deeply missed by Sergeant Eric Kearns as well as the entire Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

K9 Officer Aren: of Port Authority of Allegheny County Police Department, PA

K9 Aren, a five-year-old German Shepherd Dog of the Port Authority of Allegheny County in Pennsylvania, was stabbed to death during an apprehension this past January. K9 Aren, along with his handler Officer Brian O’Malley and other officers, had engaged a subject in a foot pursuit following an incident at the Wilkinsburg transit station. K9 Aren located the subject and was released to attempt an apprehension. The subject stabbed and killed K9 Aren before being fatally shot by the officers on scene.

Aren was trained in patrol tactics, and explosive detection as well as SWAT K9 operations. He assisted in numerous arrests throughout the transit system as well as performing daily explosive sweeps. K9 Aren was a treasured K9 Officer and will always be remembered by the Port Authority Police of Allegheny County as well as his partner, Officer O’Malley.

K9 Officer Jethro: of Canton Police Department, OH

Jethro was an AKC registered German Shepherd Dog of the Canton Police Department in Ohio. In January 2016, Jethro and his handler Officer Ryan Davis, responded to an alarm at a grocery store. As the pair entered the warehouse area, Jethro quickly picked up on the presence of a person and went to investigate. The subject was located and when he continued to disobey officers’ commands, Jethro was deployed. The subject opened fire, shooting Jethro multiple times before fleeing on foot. The suspect was later apprehended a short distance away. Jethro was rushed to the Stark County Veterinary Emergency Clinic where he eventually succumbed to his wounds

Jethro was brought home at 8 weeks of age as a family pet with the intent of possibly becoming a working dog. In November of 2014 Officer Davis’ first partner retired and Jethro had been screened and had begun his official schooling to become Davis’ next partner. Officer Davis and Jethro handled hundreds of calls together including alarms, trouble calls and burglaries. Officer Davis describes Jethro as a giant gentle beast. He says Jethro was “a 105 lb lap dog who could apprehend a criminal and then turn around and play with neighborhood kids.” He says that Jethro was “loyal to the end” and will be missed terribly.


K9 Officer Patrick: of Washington State Patrol, WA

Patrick was a three year old German Shepherd Dog of the Washington State Patrol in Washington. This past April, Trooper Mike Allan and his K9 partner, Patrick, participated in explosive detection training at the AMTRAK Seattle Sounder Station. During the training, Patrick screened two ferry loads of cars for explosives at Coleman Ferry Terminal. After conducting his work, Trooper Allan saw Patrick was in distress and rushed him to a vet. Patrick was suffering from tangled intestines and immediately underwent emergency surgery in attempt to save his life. The surgery was not successful and Patrick had to be euthanized later that night. 

Trooper Allan and K9 Patrick started their career together at Lackland Airforce Base in Texas in October 2015. In December 2015, Patrick and Trooper Allan became a certified K9 explosive team and served the citizens of Washington faithfully. Trooper Mike Allan and all members of the Homeland Security Division are mourning the loss of the courageous and loyal K9 Officer Patrick. 

K9 Officer Tryko: of Doraville Police Department, GA

K9 Tryko is a 12-year-old German Shepherd Dog of the Doraville Police Department in Georgia. He began his career as a police dog for the City of Doraville in 2006, and is now in his 10th year of service. This past April, K9 Tryko and his handler, Officer Jason Deyette, were assisting the U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Taskforce in a search for a man wanted for numerous felonies across multiple counties. Tryko located the suspect hiding in a house and was stabbed in the mouth as he moved in to apprehend him. He lost a great deal of blood and sustained a number of punctures and lacerations to his tongue and mouth. Tryko healed and returned to full duty in about a month. Since returning to work after his injury, he has already had a number of apprehensions.

Tryko is trained in patrol work as well as narcotics detection. Over his exceptionally long career, he has been responsible for approximately 700 suspect apprehensions and 600 drug seizures; being directly involved in recovering nearly one million dollars in drug money. Tryko has met hundreds of children at schools, churches and community functions during K9 demonstrations.  He has also been called upon to assist many federal agencies including FBI, DEA, ICE, and the US Marshalls Service. In 2014, K9 Tryko was able to track, locate and apprehend a suspect who had shot and wounded two DeKalb County police officers a few hours prior. To Officer Deyette and the Doraville Police Department, K9 Tryko is considered a legend. According to the department, he is one of a kind and a truly special police dog. The sacrifices that he has made throughout his career are truly appreciated.


It’s a 1,000 year flood. Hundreds of miles of Louisiana are underwater—and animals across the affected areas of the state are calling out for your help. While rescue efforts have been underway all week for both people and animals alike, cats are often the overlooked victims in disasters like this. That’s why Alley Cat Allies is going to make sure that this time, no cat is overlooked. Right now, Alley Cat Allies is providing emergency funds to local boots on the ground activists, with the help of the Humane Society of Louisiana, to pay for necessary supplies including a boat. But we need your emergency donations to support our disaster rescue efforts. The cats in harm’s way simply can’t wait. Every hour that passes is an hour that cat victims of the flood risk drowning before help arrives. Every day that passes is a day a cat who survived the floods faces starvation before a helping hand can feed them. Your emergency support right now ensures Alley Cat Allies can continue to provide immediate aid to local Louisiana groups and shelters impacted by this devastation. But how many cats we can save is up to you, Katie. Please make your emergency donation right now to support our Louisiana disaster rescue efforts. Thank you! For the cats, Becky Robinson
President & Founder
Alley Cat Allies



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Co-Host - Jillyn Sidlo

Producer - Lexi Lapp

Network Producer - Ben Boquist

Executive Producer - Bob Page

Special Guests - Author Jennifer Arnold will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 8/20/16 at 5pm EST to discuss and give away her new book "Love Is All You Need"

Jason Riccardi CEO of Pura Naturals Pet will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 8/20/16 at 630pm EST to discuss and give away his products

Alice De almeida will join Talkin' Pets at 720pm EST to discuss the recent cat adoption and Matilda's recent birthday bash at the Algonquin Hotel NYC

Our Story - The Pura Naturals Pet™ Promise

Why do we do things to our best friends, and by that I mean our pets, which we would not do to our worst enemies? Toxins, artificial colors, formaldehyde (yes the embalming elixir for the dead can now be found in shampoos), skin irritants, and chemical fragrances are found in a majority of the products available in the market today. Terrible but true! The FDA and USDA are supposed to be monitoring this category but because cats can’t complain about internal pain and dogs can’t tell you their eyes are burning from the bleach substitute you just used to clean the brown spots from under their eyes, the category is overlooked. Someone needed to be the voice of our pets. Someone shouting from the mountaintops what they are thinking, “I love you unconditionally and deserve better!” - And that is what we did. So we sat down and decided there had to be a better way. It began with products for our own four legged friends and quickly expanded to our friend’s pets and then the entire community. We knew we had something and wanted to share it with the world.

Our Mission

Healthy Pet | Happy You

Our mission is simple. Pura Naturals Pet™ is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products using only the best materials the Earth has to offer. That dedication means we deliver USDA certified organic ingredients, plant based foams and plastics, biodegradable elements that have amazing natural properties – like rice hulls – in every product. The best part is, those ingredients not only make the SAFEST product but also the most comfortable. What does comfortable mean? It means shampoos and lotions that won’t irritate the skin, scents and perfumes that don’t trigger allergies, and materials that are relaxing, safe, renewable and earth friendly. When you combine the Earth’s best with amazing innovation and design you get the intersection of luxury and responsibility.

What to Expect


We are passionate about our pets. We connect with them like we do our children and friends. They know our likes and dislikes, love us unconditionally and are quick to forgive us when we are wrong. We know you are as passionate about your pets and we want to help you show it. That is why we are so dedicated to the products we make and what they stand for. You can be sure that every product we sell has been used by our animals first and has every ounce of our commitment and care behind them.


Quality is a cornerstone of the company. We don’t use China or anyone else, even here in the US, with questionable business practices. In fact, we have become so over the top about this that we changed our vendor relations policy from a complex document to one simple phrase. “We only buy from and trust people we would be friends with”. If they don’t share our values, passion and commitment to everything we believe then we can’t trust them to make our – no – your products.

American Made

We believe in this amazing country. We believe in its opportunity, its freedom, and its ability to change the world. So we always try to buy from here. That word “try” sounds like an excuse doesn’t it? We can honestly say that EVERYTHING currently available from Pura Naturals Pet™ and all of its brands is MADE HERE IN THE USA. We promise that if we ever do make something somewhere else, we will always be very open about it and let you know the country of origin clearly and openly. (Unlike some other folks we know)


ASPCA responders dispatched to rescue pets and large animals during devastating floods

Baton Rouge, La.— At the request of the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) has dispatched its disaster response team to conduct water rescue for animals displaced by severe flooding spanning East Baton Rouge and Lafayette Parish. At least six people have died in the disaster, and approximately 20,000 residents have been displaced.

The ASPCA is working with the Louisiana State Animal Response Team (LSART) to coordinate local resources required to rescue the large number of animals displaced by the flash floods. Residents who need assistance with recovering a pet from their home or emergency sheltering for their pets are encouraged to contact the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (OHSEP). Residents can find contact information for their parish’s OHSEP office at  

“If you evacuate your home, do not leave your pets behind,” said Dr. Dick Green, senior director of Disaster Response for the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response team. “Many people consider pets as family members, and losing a pet on top of this already tragic situation can be horribly stressful. We want to give people peace of mind while they cope with this crisis by making sure their pets are safe.”

The ASPCA Field Investigations and Response team frequently responds to natural disasters including wildfires, tornadoes and floods. In addition, they are called on by state and municipal governments and other animal welfare partners to lend expertise during large-scale animal rescue operations.

The ASPCA also has a disaster preparedness mobile app which advises pet owners on what to do before, during, and after a disaster. The app, which works even without internet connectivity, also provides personalized instructions on how to search for and recover lost animals in a variety of circumstances.

More information on the ASPCA’s disaster response efforts can be found at

About the ASPCA®
Founded in 1866, and celebrating its 150th birthday this year, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) is the first animal welfare organization in North America and serves as the nation’s leading voice for animals. More than two million supporters strong, the ASPCA’s mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, the ASPCA is a national leader in the areas of anti-cruelty, community outreach and animal health services. For more information, please visit, and be sure to follow the ASPCA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



The Revolutionary Bond-Based Approach to Educating Your Dog

By New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Arnold
On Sale August 23rd, 2016

From the New York Times bestselling author of Through a Dog’s Eyes—the inspiration for the PBS documentary—comes a paradigm-shifting bond-based approach to strengthening our connection with our four-legged best friends.

Dogs are social geniuses, second only to humans in their ability to read and understand emotion. Jennifer Arnold understands this better than anyone, having spent the past 25 years training service dogs for people with disabilities at her non-profit organization, Canine Assistants. She is a pioneer in the emerging field of "bond-based" teaching, and her methods are causing a sea change in the dog world. Arnold believes that obedience training and commands like "sit," "stay," and "heel" are unnecessary and counterproductive-- they're actually the root of anxiety and behavior problems in our dogs. Instead, she maintains that only one thing is necessary for a successful relationship with your dog: a secure bond.
    Arnold's methodology, Bond-Based Choice Teaching (R), is based on the latest in canine neuroscience. It holds that dogs are social learners, and once they've bonded with us they become experts at reading our signals, and can learn to make good decisions for themselves. Arnold's signature "teach don't train" philosophy leaves outdated reward and punishment methods behind in favor of a model that will revolutionize your relationship with your dog.



“Transformative . . . [Arnold] shares her methodology and stories of canine intelligence, sensitivity, language comprehension, and prescience bordering on telepathy. . . . Along

the way, she emphasizes choice-based, positive-reinforcement-only teaching methods

and shares valuable insights that every dog owner should know. Engagingly written

with a perfect balance of science and observation, this book . . . is a worthy

tribute to our canine friends.”

 Publishers Weekly

“Arnold’s voice is assertive with experience—her insights into working with dogs are hard-won after years of close interaction. … The author’s storehouse of anecdotal evidence is telling and entertaining, and her demolition of various alpha-model and negative-reinforcement teaching techniques is thorough and lofty.”

Kirkus Reviews

"Through vivid, memorable, moving stories, Jennifer Arnold provides a scientific argument for what dog lovers everywhere already know: Dogs love, dogs trust, dogs

sense, dogs feel. And they deserve to be treated accordingly. This book’s message

is simply the truth." 

Sara Gruen, author ofWater for Elephants

“There can be no doubt Jennifer Arnold knows her stuff when it comes to training dogs.”



JENNIFER ARNOLD is the founder of Canine Assistants, a service-dog school based in Milton, Georgia and the creator of the Bond-Based Approach® to interspecies relationships. She is also the New York Times bestselling author of Through a Dog's Eyes, which was the subject of a PBS documentary, and In a Dog's Heart. Jennifer lives in Milton, Georgia with her husband, veterinarian Kent Bruner, son Chase, four dogs, two cats, and a myriad of other animals.






LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED by Jennifer Arnold

A Spiegel & Grau Hardcover | On Sale 8/23/16 | ISBN: 9780812996173 | eBook: 9780812996180| $24.00 | 208 Pages

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Special Guests -Richard C. Francis Author of DOMESTICATED Evolution in a Man-Made World will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 8/13/16 at 5pm EST to discuss and give away his book

Country/Pop Music Sensation Trio Natalia, Christina and Hannah of SOUTHERN HALO will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 8/13/16 at 630pm EST to discuss and give away autographed copies of their newest CD

Followed by a Church Picnic
Beaverton, August 10, 2016: All are invited to join us for the 8th Annual Blessing of the Animals service on Sunday, August 28, 2016 at 10:30 am (change in worship time). The service will be held at Beaverton’s Evelyn M. Schiffler Memorial Park, SW Erickson Ave. and SW Berthold St. In addition to the Blessing of the Animals, Pastor David will also focus on the Bethel mission statement and what it means to be part of the welcoming community that is Bethel. After worship, we will have an all church picnic. All are welcome to attend, bring their pets for a blessing and stay for the picnic. If your pet isn't comfortable around lots of people and pets, you are invited to bring a photo. Some children even bring their favorite stuffed animals -- all options are encouraged.
In 2008, Bethel Congregational United Church of Christ held its first Blessing of the Animals service. Since then, it has become an annual tradition to hold an outdoor service honoring, blessing and celebrating the relationships we have with those animal companions that fill our hearts with thanksgiving and love. It’s a time to remember those pets and animals that may no longer be with us as well as celebrate those that fill our lives with joy on a daily basis.
Blessing the Animals is not a new concept. It began with St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, who was believed to sing and preach to all of God’s creatures, honoring God’s presence in each of them. Animals were drawn to him and stories of his great love for animals abound. St. Francis was a true steward and brother to the animals, without discrimination and an example of how to treat God’s precious creatures.
This is a wonderful opportunity for the entire family, including our furry friends, to be blessed and honored in this unique outdoor worship service on Sunday, August 28, 2016 at 10:30 am at Beaverton’s Evelyn M. Schiffler Memorial Park, SW Erickson Ave. and SW Berthold St. Bethel Congregational United Church of Christ is a progressive Christian community that is committed to service and is open to everyone. Our motto: “No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!” For more details go to the website at or call 503-646-1191.
Contact: Beth Astarte/Bethel Church Office
Bethel Congregational United Church of Christ
5150 SW Watson Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone: (503) 646-1191
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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