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Boone Smith from Nat Geo Wild's 10 Days of Thanksgiving will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 11/21/15 at 5 PM EST to discuss Big Cat Week
Tune in Saturday November 21, 2015 at 630pm EST when David Frei host of The National Dog Show watched by millions on Thanksgiving Day joins Jon and Talkin' Pets to discuss the upcoming event

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From the Kennel Club of Philadelphia and celebrating America's continued love of man's best friend, "The National Dog Show Presented by Purina" returns for its 14th year on NBC. Hosted by actor, author and Broadway star John O'Hurley, the event features 2,000 of the nation's leading canines from over 170 breeds (including the world's largest, smallest and most exotic) strutting their fur in the hopes of following in the pawsteps of Nathan the Bloodhound, last year's crowd-favorite top dog.

"The Dean" David Frei provides expert show commentary, and Mary Carillo chimes in as an adept sideline reporter for this ultimate canine showdown. But which dogs will have their day, and which will leave with their tails between their legs? After all, there can only be one "Best in Show."

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Saturday, Nov. 14, the 318th day of 2015.
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Special Guest - L. Douglas Keeney author of BUDDIES will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 11/14/15 at 5 PM EST to discuss and give away his book

SMITHTOWN, NEW YORK – (November 9, 2015) – One quick Google news search of the term “animal abuse” yields over 53,000 results. Animal abuse is a serious problem that many people are beginning to take notice of due to the horrific news headlines covering the stories. These allegations lately include such heartbreaking stories as animals being slammed, starved, beaten, and more. From undercover investigations taking place at big name food manufacturers to animal cruelty being reported by individuals in communities around the nation, many people are looking for ways to help bring an end to these horrific news stories.

"We have made it our mission to help catch those responsible for animal cruelty and bring them to justice,” says Robert Misseri, founder and president of Guardians of Rescue. “However, it’s a job that we don’t do alone. It is a collaborative effort to make it happen, but we have been quite successful at it.”

Guardians of Rescue (GOR) is an animal rescue organization which has built a reputation for helping to rescue abused and abandoned animals. Being serious about their mission, their investigative team is headed by Joaquin “Jack” Garcia, a former FBI agent, who spent 26 years doing undercover field work on over 100 assignments, including bringing about 39 convictions of Mafia figures.

“We investigate every animal cruelty lead that comes to us,” explains Garcia. “We have seen some awful things in doing so, but it’s always a great thing when we can rescue the animal and bring the person to justice who was the abuser. That’s what we do all of this for. Whether it’s a lack of proper care, dogfighting, hoarding, or something else, our mission is to help these animals.”

GOR goes into some of the highest crime areas looking for obvious signs of animal abuse and cruelty. They also offer 5 ways that others can help stop animal abuse:

1.    Take notice. The first step is in noticing that it is taking place. Take a look around for signs of animal abuse and cruelty, trusting your instincts when you see something that doesn’t seem right.
2.    Report it. Gather as much information as possible about the situation that needs to be reported, and then contact your local agency to make a report. The more information or support you can provide, the more it will help with the investigation and conviction. If you feel the local authorities are not taking action after reporting, then take it to social media.
3.    Support organizations. Some people prefer to not get directly involved in the reporting or investigations. They can still help to stop animal abuse by supporting those organizations that investigate abuse and rescue animals.
4.    Contact legislatures. Many animal cruelty crimes do not come with severe punishments that would help prevent them from happening in the first place. Contact the powers that be in your state and urge them to make tougher laws for those who are convicted of animal cruelty and abuse. Holding the people accountable is a big step toward preventing more abuse.
5.    Pay attention to companies that abuse. Notice the companies that are found to be involved in animal abuse cases. Write or call them to urge them to change their practices and hold their employees accountable for cruelty. When they know consumers care more, they will ensure better treatment of the animals in their care.

“Many people want to help animals, but are unsure how to go about doing so,” shares Katie Cleary, model, film producer of “Give Me Shelter” available on Netflix, and founder of World Animal News which brings you the latest breaking animal welfare news from around the world.  “I’ve made animal abuse and rescue issues a top priority in my life for many years. I urge others to get involved to help make their community better for all animals. There are ways to help make the world better for animals, whether you are directly or indirectly involved in the efforts.”

Another organization working to aid in the rescue of animals is the Eastwood Ranch Foundation, a California-based animal welfare and rescue organization. The founder of the group, Alison Eastwood, actress, film producer, and is the daughter of the beloved actor Clint Eastwood. They routinely rescue animals from high-kill shelters, care for them, and work to find each one a forever home.

“Our shelters are filled with beautiful pets who need good homes and families to live their lives with,” says Alison Eastwood. “They just need a chance. That’s something we hope we are giving to them as we work to rescue them and change their life for the better.”

Guardians of Rescue provides assistance to animals out on the streets, helping to rescue them, provide medical care, food and shelter, and find foster-home placements. Many families are still struggling, such as from Hurricane Sandy, making it difficult for them to care for their pet, either financially or while living in temporary housing. They are also instrumental in helping military members with their pets, and providing therapy dogs to veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. To learn more, get involved, or to make a donation to support the Guardians of Rescue, log onto

About Guardians of Rescue Based in New York, Guardians of Rescue is an organization whose mission is to protect the well being of all animals. They provide aid to animals in distress, including facilitating foster programs, rehabilitation, assisting other rescue groups, and providing support to families, both military and not, who need assistance due to economic factors. To learn more about Guardians of Rescue, visit the site at

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Special Guests -Dr. Pia Salk spokesperson for and Co-Author of THE TOTAL DOG MANUAL will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 11/7/15 at 5PM EST to discuss and give away her book  

Nashville singer Alexandra Demetree will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 11/7/15 at 630pm EST to discuss and give away her latest single OUTTA MY HEAD


SMITHTOWN, NY – (November 6, 2015) – According to the Animal Welfare Institute, 2 million dogs are killed for food each year in South Korea and over 100,000 tons of dog meat is consumed annually. The South Korean culture favors the consumption of dog meat as an ancient tradition and is thought to promote good health and energy. Guardians of Rescue have been a powerful force of opposition against the dog meat trade in South Korea. Upon receiving a call from a local South Korean animal organization, Save the Korean Dogs, Guardians of Rescue stepped in to help rescue 17 dogs from death at a South Korean restaurant.

“Unfortunately, the South Korean culture continues to consume dog meat every day,” affirms Robert Misseri, founder and president of Guardians of Rescue. “We have formed a campaign, “Real Men Don’t Eat Dog” to try to end this act and the cruel, unfair treatment of dogs. We’ve partnered with Save the Korean Dog and we’re seeking donations to continue this life-saving program.”

A couple weeks ago, an organization called received a message about a restaurant with banners advertising, “We Barbecue Whole Dogs.” Upon arriving at the restaurant, Nami Kim of Save the Korean Dogs found dogs living in horrific conditions.

Behind the restaurant, dogs were living in wire cages. Some of the dogs had resorted to eating the bodies of other dead dogs. The area contained dog bones and scattered leashes along with evidence of dogs being hung, slaughtered and barbequed.

On November 4, 2015, after sharing the horrific conditions with Guardians of Rescue, the two organizations jointly stepped in and rescued all 17 dogs from the restaurant. The dogs were immediately taken to a veterinarian office in South Korea to be examined and treated.

Guardians of Rescue is actively raising funds to transport all 17 dogs to the United States, where they will be safe and find loving homes. Other organizations are greatly encouraged to be a part of the rescue mission and assist in raising enough funds for the dogs.

“These dogs need to be safe and loved and transported to the United States, where they can hope to live long, happy lives,” affirms Misseri. “We can’t do that without the help of the community and dog-lovers everywhere.”

Guardians of Rescue provides assistance to animals out on the streets, helping to rescue them, provide medical care, food and shelter, and find foster-home placements. They are also instrumental in helping military members with their pets, and to provide service dogs to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. To learn more, or to donate to save Tera, her pups and others like them that face slaughter, please go to

About Guardians of Rescue Based in New York, Guardians of Rescue is an organization whose mission is to protect the well being of all animals. They provide aid to animals in distress, including facilitating foster programs, rehabilitation, assisting other rescue groups, and providing support to families, both military and not, who need assistance due to economic factors. To learn more about Guardians of Rescue, visit the site at

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Animal Welfare Institute. The Dog Meat Trade.

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Special Guests - DR. MERLIN TUTTLE is an ecologist, wildlife photographer, and conservationist who has studied bats worldwide for more than fifty years will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 10/31/15 at 5pm EST to discuss and give away his book THE SECRET LIVES OF BATS

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Special Guests - Kim Giebel, Casting Director of Doron Ofir Casting will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 10/24/15 at 5 PM EST to discuss a new television pet talk show and her search for talent
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Why SCOE 10X Works

To fully understand why SCOE 10X works so well to eliminate malodor, it is beneficial to have some understanding of the science of odor.  The following few paragraphs give an abreviated scientific look at what malodor is and how SCOE 10X combats and eliminates it.

There are THREE DISTINCT ODOR COMPONENTS that make up biological odor:Odor Component One: A biological excretion or decomposition; such as urine, feces, vomit, sweat, skunk spray, meat, fish, cigarette smoke, etc. Odor Component Two: Odor producing bacteria; feeding on the biological excretion, produce lots and lots of odor molecules. Odor Component Three: Odor molecules; what your nose actually identifies as odor, are produced by odor causing bacteria feeding on biological excretion.  

All three odor components must be eliminated by an odor elimination product to permanently eliminate a biological odor.  If these three components are not eliminated, the odor will remain or naturally return.

How SCOE 10X Works

SCOE 10X is unlike and very different from all the other so-called odor eliminators.  SCOE 10X is a beneficial probiotic odor eliminator. What this means is, SCOE 10X, using probiotics, simultaneously preforms the three necessary odor eliminating functions to ensure permanent elimination of all the components of biological odor:Odor Component One: Biological excretion; SCOE 10X digests, or in other words, attacks, destroys and eliminates the biological excretion. Odor Component Two: Odor producing bacteriadue to SCOE 10X eliminating the biological excretion, the natural result is the odor causing bacteria, now with-out food, starve to death. Consequently, no more odor molecules are produced.Odor Component Three: Odor molecules; Using advanced odor elimination technology, SCOE 10X immediately captures and destroys all odor molecules that are present.Simply put, SCOE 10X eliminates the bacterial food source (the odor causing bacteria die) and destroys the odor molecules (the odor is eliminated), thereby permanently eliminating the biological odor.How many so called "odor elimination" products have you already tried where the odor returns? Here's malodor reality: If the odor eliminator product doesn't eliminate all three odor components or doesn't come in direct contact with the biological excretion, the malodor will naturally return.

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