“We just have one question: Why did it take so long for someone to come up with this?”
—Huffington Post

“You may have a slight obsession with reblogging cats on Tumblr. French Tumblr account Des Hommes et des Chatons takes that obsession to a whole new level with their photos of cats imitating sexy male models and actors.”
—Buzz Feed

“Today, we love the tumblr Des Hommes et des Chatons, a comic-sexy mix of guys and kittens. Want to see cute kittens and ultra sexy guys? The tumblr Des Hommes et des Chatons will brighten your day.”
—Glamour (Paris)

“We love a really cute Tumblr. Des Hommes et des Chatons, the name says it all. The perfect addition to make us literally melt. We already loved cats. We also like men now. A salivating emergency!”
—Cosmopolitan (France)


By Marie-Eva Gatuingt and Alice Chaygneaud 

Do you (or someone you know) like to look at pictures of sexy men? How about cute cats?

Now you don’t have to choose between the two. Based on the chic French Tumblr Des Hommes et des Chatons, Men & Cats (Perigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House, September 1, 2015) by Marie-Eva Gatuingt and Alice Chaygneaud presents an original collection of 50 pairs of sexy men and adorable cats.

Each clever match-up shows a heartthrob posing alongside a cat in a similar pose or with a similar expression.

Men & Cats is a lighthearted, humorous take on posing models, and a reminder that you can make everything better by just adding cats to it.




Marie-Eva Gatuingt and Alice Chaygneaud are the creators of the Tumblr Des Hommes et Des Chatons. They live in Paris, France.


Marie-Eva Gatuingt and Alice Chaygneaud

Perigee hardcover ǀ $15.00 ǀ 978-0-399-17585-5 ǀ on-sale September 1, 2015

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Action Alert
A Lifesaving Model TNR Program is Under Threat

Sidebar_DC_TNR-092015.jpgDear Cat Advocate,

I need your help to protect Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and community cats in the nation’s capital.

D.C. is considering a plan that would roll back decades of progress and set a dangerous precedent for TNR programs nationwide. The “Wildlife Action Plan” from the District Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) calls for D.C. to “revisit” its longstanding TNR policy, and states that all community cats should instead “be taken in by several adoption facilities operating in the District”.

Act now: sign the petition to demand protection for D.C.’s cats and TNR program.

Community cats will be killed in shelters—all in a misguided attempt to protect wildlife. DOEE Director Tommy Wells thinks euthanizing community cats is a viable option to “promote biodiversity and not just population control.” Killing cats will do neither of these things and wastes lives. Only TNR humanely and effectively reduces the community cat population.

Human activity, pollution, and habitat destruction are the true threats to wildlife. Catching and killing cats is not only cruel, it’s ineffective: removing cats is counterproductive and creates a vacuum effect where cats repopulate. 

Take action: Ask D.C. to keep supporting TNR.

Ending TNR will kill cats and do nothing for wildlife. Our nation’s capital is a model for the whole country, and its current TNR policy is both effective and cost-effective. Tell D.C. to protect that policy.

Becky Robinson


Becky Robinson
Becky Robinson
President, Alley Cat Allies 

P.S. Every voice counts. Forward this email to your friends and family.

Copyright 2015 Alley Cat Allies | 7920 Norfolk Avenue, Suite 600, Bethesda, MD 20814-2525
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Charity NavigatorAlley Cat Allies is proud to have earned the highest rating of four stars from Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest and most respected charity evaluator. Join us and our more than 500,000 supporters at www.alleycat.org.

TPR News
Saturday, Sept. 12, the 255th day of 2015.
There are 110 days left in the year.Crew:
Jon Patch - Host
Vince and Lisa Centonze - Co Host
Lexi Lapp - Producer
Sonar Greene - Network Producer
Bob Page - Executive Producer
Special Guests - Sam Dicker from Nat Geo Wild's new series Vet School will join Jon and Talkin' Pets Saturday 9/12/15 at 530 PM EST to discuss the new television series.
Carly Martinetti, Chief Feline Officer of Pretty Litter will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 9/12/15 at 630 PM EST to discuss their new Pretty Litter and give away Pretty Litter branded litter boxes

New Startup Aims to be the “Cat’s Meow” in Kitty Litter

Los Angeles, CA – The world of kitty litter is being turned upside down by 24 year old Carly Martinetti, the star of ABC Family's new reality show, Startup U,  now airing on Tuesday evenings at 10:00 P.M. Eastern/9:00 P.M. Central.  StartUp U is held at Silicon Valley-based Draper University’s entrepreneurial program, where Carly let her brainchild, Pretty Litter, out of the bag.  But it’s more than just a pretty cat litter - it's pretty amazing:

Pretty Litter's revolutionary, low cost, light weight kitty litter changes color to detect common feline health issues. It’s scoopable, flushable, dust-free, feline safe and eco-friendly.  Pretty Litter allows cat owners to detect health problems early so that they can save on vet bills.

“Startup U has provided us with a unique opportunity to use the reality TV platform to launch our product,” said Daniel Rotman, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pretty Litter. “We hope to convey the importance of diagnostic kitty litter so people will be inclined to support us through grassroots fundraising.”

Martinetti and Rotman have just launched a website, PrettyLitterCats.com, where interested cat owners and others can sign up to participate in Pretty Litter’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign, going live in mid-September.  The Kickstarter campaign will seek funding to bring this innovative diagnostic cat litter to market.  “It has always been a dream of mine to launch a business that gives back to animals,” said Carly Martinetti, Pretty Litter’s Chief Feline Officer (CFO). “Through Startup U, I was able to collaborate with chemists, marketers and successful entrepreneurs, who have given me and my team the resources to create this innovative product.”  

To get your paws on more information about Pretty Litter, visit www.prettylittercats.com; PrettyLitterCats on Facebook and @PrettyLitter.


Lil BUB to host Chicago Internet Cat Video Festival September 19, 2015

CHICAGO – The wildly popular Internet Cat Video Festival is headed back to Chicago with Lil BUB and her dude Mike Bridavsky as hosts. This is the third consecutive year animal and internet lovers’ can enjoy the feline-focused film festival, thanks to the local rescues Chicago Cat Rescue and Tree House Humane Society.

WHAT – Chicago Internet Cat Video Festival

WHEN – September19, 2015

WHERE – Athenaeum Theatre (2936 N. Southport Ave., Chicago)

SHOWTIMES – 1 pm, 4:30 pm & 8 pm

TICKETS Available now


Festival events include an exclusive screening of an all-new film by the creator of the Henri Le Chat Noir videos, Will Braden, a previous Golden Kitty Award (People’s Choice) winner. The debut is a part of the festival’s 75-minute screening, comprised of carefully curated cat videos that will entertain the expected 2,000 guests. Attendees can also dote upon adoptable cats and kittens in addition to socializing with the hosts of the CATastrophes Web Series, Alana and Kris who are both proud Chicago locals. These internet stars are also 2015’s Golden Kitty Award winners for their film, “Cat Behavior Explained.”

Those that want exclusive access to the beloved hosts, can purchase Pre-Show Lil BUB Meet & Greet tickets! These specialty ticket holders can enjoy an intimate hangout with Lil BUB and Mike Bridavsky, who star in the documentary Lil BUB & Friendz and Animal Planet’s Lil BUB’s Big Show. There, guests can take photos with the internet’s favorite feline, tell Lil BUB how wonderful she is and even get a print signed by Lil BUB! Pre-Show entry times for this are 11 am, 3 pm and 6:30 pm.

TICKETS – To purchase tickets, visit http://www.AthenaeumTheatre.orgorhere

General Admission Advanced: $15.00

General Admission Day-Of: $20.00

General Admission For Groups Of 10 Or More: $10.00

Pre-Show Lil BUB Meet & Greet: $100

*Prices do not include Athenaeum restoration or convenience fees. 100 percent of the proceeds from the Chicago Internet Cat Video Festival general admission ticket sales benefit the Chicago Cat Rescue and Tree House Humane Society. Meet & Greet ticket proceeds benefit Lil BUB’s Big FUND for special needs pets, in addition to the Chicago Cat Rescue and Tree House Humane Society.

About Hosts Lil BUB and Mike Bridavsky

Lil BUB is a very special, one-of-a-kind cat. More specifically, she is the most amazing cat on the planet.

Discovered as the runt of a healthy feral litter in a tool shed in rural Indiana, she was taken in as a rescue when it was clear that she would require special care. Despite her “unique” look and numerous “deformities,” BUB is a healthy, happy cat living in the care of her “dude” Mike Bridavsky, who treats her like a queen. BUB has overcome great challenges, is a published author, a talk show host, a movie star, and has helped raise well over $100,000 for animals in need. www.LilBUB.com

About CATastrophes Web Series

After the success of their film “Catalogue” (Golden Kitty Runner-Up at CatVidFest 2013), Chicago filmmakers Alana Grelyak and Michael Gabriele launched CATastrophes, a comedy web series that celebrates the quirky antics of cats and their interactions with people. It frequently features adoptable cats from rescue organizations and has used both Tree House and Chicago Cat Rescue kitties as actors numerous times. The team has raised both money and thousands of meals in food donations for shelters through its work since 2013. It’s hosted by Alana Grelyak and Kris Flanagan, who have both been nominated for Best Actor/Actress awards for their work in the series. You can see all of their episodes at


About Chicago Cat Rescue

Founded in 2006, Chicago Cat Rescue is a foster-based rescue group dedicated to helping cats in need through rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption, as well as educating our community on best practices for feline health and wellbeing. Since our inception, we have rescued and placed hundreds of cats and kittens into loving, adoptive homes. For more information: www.ChicagoCatRescue.org

About Tree House Humane Society

Founded in 1971 when “No Kill” and “cageless” shelters were unheard of, Tree House continues to innovate. Recognizing that the needs of cats were overlooked in traditional shelters, and that sick and injured stray cats rarely got the second chance they deserved, Tree House carved out a niche and has since found homes for 20,000 animals and has sterilized and vaccinated more than 30,000 through our low cost spay/neuter program. Our Community Cats Program, Behavior Hotline, Pet Food Pantry, Education Outreach, Animal Assisted Therapy and Education Outreach Programs also help to reduce the number of homeless animals and promote the human animal bond. For more information: www.TreeHouseAnimals.org

About Walker Art Center

In August 2012, the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis) planned a small experiment as part of its outdoor summer programming. What if there was an evening program dedicated to the Internet phenomenon of cat videos? Would anyone come to watch videos that they could easily view with a few clicks at home or work? How would this solo hobby translate to a public setting? Word of the program quickly spread internationally via social media and the press, resulting in more than 10,000 people attending Walker’s 2012 debut of the festival. The overwhelming success of the event has led to tours of the program with stops in New York,Oakland, Chicago, Hawaii, Portland, Ireland and Canada just to name a few! For more information, visit:www.WalkerArt.org

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For Immediate Release

Born Free USA's "Pets Go Wild for Wildlife" Photo Contest Calling for Cats and Dogs Acting Wild

Washington D.C. August 27, 2015 -- Born Free USA, a global leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation, has announced its “Pets Go Wild for Wildlife” photo contest, seeking photos of furry family members acting “wild”: running like a cheetah, swimming like an orca, leaping like a gazelle, pouncing like a fox… or just going "wild" in general. 

According to Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA and the Born Free Foundation, “We work to keep wildlife in the wild – but all of us at Born Free also love our dogs and cats and know that our supporters and the public do too. We thought this would be a fun, creative way to celebrate all animals and share their antics with terrific photos.  Also, by noticing and capturing the moments your dog or cat acts ‘wild,’ we hope you will consider the connection between domestic animals and wild animals. Your cat and the big cats in the jungle. Your dog and the majestic wolf.  They are not all that different, and they all deserve our compassion.”

Entrants can submit as many photos as they would like. The contest is open to dogs and cats only. The three photos with the most votes receive prizes. First place prize is the winner's choice between an iPad or an Apple Watch. Prizes will also be awarded for the top voted dog, top voted cat, most "promotes" through the contest site, and Born Free USA staff favorite. An entrant can only win for one category.  The fee to enter is $10 per photo entry and $1 per vote to participate in the contest.  Each contribution helps Born Free USA raise needed funds to continue life-saving work for wildlife around the globe.   Contest DEADLINE is September 25, 2015 at 12 Noon ET.   

Born Free USA is a global leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation. Through litigation, legislation, and public education, Born Free USA leads vital campaigns against animals in entertainment, exotic “pets,” trapping and fur, and the destructive international wildlife trade. Born Free USA brings to North America the message of “compassionate conservation”—the vision of the United Kingdom-based Born Free Foundation, established in 1984 by Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna, stars of the iconic film Born Free, along with their son, Will Travers. Born Free’s mission is to end suffering of wild animals in captivity, conserve threatened and endangered species, and encourage compassionate conservation globally. More at www.bornfreeusa.org; www.twitter.com/bornfreeusa; and www.facebook.com/bornfreeusa.

For the last forty years, Dr. Willard’s team has made it our mission to offer products to help improve our clients’ health. Five years ago, an addition to our family led to an inspiration for a brand new line of pet products that we call Dr. Willard’s Natural Restorative Pet Care.

This personal venture began when John Willard III, our company CEO, and his wife welcomed a new rescue dog, Aspen, into their, and our extended Willard family, home. Upon learning that this Great Pyrenees was abused and neglected, we were ready and eager to provide him with a caring and loving environment.

Aspen’s first vet appointment left John and his wife feeling extremely concerned about Aspen’s physical and mental well being after they were told that he wouldn’t be able to fully regrow his coat (he’d been shaved by the adoption agency due to extensive tangles), and would probably be affected with chronic arthritis, and other health problems, for the rest of his life because of his past.

John Willard and his loyal companion Aspen

John Willard and his loyal companion Aspen

On the drive home, John remembered the feedback from our loyal customers who shared stories of the benefits of using Dr. Willard’s products for their pets. He started doing the same, quickly noticing a difference in Aspen’s appearance and behavior. They were delighted to see hair re-growing on his bald spots, and to find him running around without any joint pain. Furthermore, Aspen became much calmer and happier; even five years later, he is still a happy-go-lucky dog, bringing joy to our family. In fact, the family vet has said that Aspen is the healthiest ten-year old Great Pyrenees she has seen! This made us certain that with love and a regiment of all natural products, pets can thrive, even if they had faced some issues in the past.

As glad as we were to see Aspen’s improvement after using Dr. Willard’s products, we can’t say we were surprised. Dr. Willard, PhD, a professor of Chemistry, worked with veterinarians almost from the day he originally invented the patented formula of this miraculous line in the 1960’s and dedicated users have followed suit ever since.

The beneficial properties of using Dr. Willard’s products for pets have been heralded not only in messages from our customers, but also in articles and television shows. In fact, in 1980, 60 Minutes did a segment on the calming effects and the improvement of digestion and absorption of nutrients of our line for both humans and animals. Other prominent endorsements from respected publications in the natural pet care industry included the 2000 edition of Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog, which reports on several findings of the benefits of our line of pet products. The book described the miraculous calming effects aggressive dogs experienced after using Dr. Willard’s Vibrant Pet Water Drops.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.34.58 PMThe 1997 edition of the Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care explained that Dr. Willard’s Vibrant Pet Products were tested on animals for years, and showed absolutely no negative side effects, but only benefits, such as ”improved digestion, calmness, improved coat luster and eye sparkle, improved gait, resistance to stress-related illness and increased immunity.” The article also stated that Dr. Willard’s products helped alleviate the effects of cuts, burns and wounds.

The Whole Dog Journal published an article in 2006 confirming the many benefits of using Dr. Willard’s for pets.  The article cited several ways in which it recommends using Dr. Willard’s and even featured a holistic veterinarian from North Carolina who had been using Dr. Willard’s on a variety of issues since 1983.  The Whole Dog Journal is one of the most respected natural pet care publications in the world so we recommend reading the article in it’s entirety here.

Aspen’s quick and long-lasting improvement led us to develop a line of Dr. Willard’s Natural Restorative Pet Products because we wanted to make sure that all our customers have access to products made with natural ingredients without any harmful additives. Dr. Willard’s Pet Care Kit provides a holistic solution to animal care with three exciting new products: Vibrant Pet Water Drops, Rejuvenating Skin and Coat Spray and the Soothing Aloe Gel for Pets. Used together, this line provides a natural solution for dogs’ health and well being. This kit contains:

Dr. Willard’s Vibrant Pet Water Drops – These drops offer additional benefits of hydration for dogs. Providing pets with clean drinking water with the secret catalyst in the Dr. Willard’s® patented formula, this product improves water’s biological functions to help with digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as behavior and performance. This means that your pets will get more vitamins from the same amount of food they consumed before. In addition, these drops serve as a whole-body tonic for pets; when added to fur, they lead to an improved look and feel. Furthermore, owners report that their pets have been calmer and less stressed upon regular use of the Vibrant Pet Drops.

Dr. Willard’s Rejuvenating Skin and Coat Spray – This topical application has been beneficial in promoting a shiny and healthy coat, as well as treating pets’ skin disorders, such as hot spots, scrapes, burns, abrasions and cuts. It also helps with pain tolerance, traumatic injuries and arthritis.

Dr. Willard’s Aloe Gel for Pets – Aloe Vera has been heralded for its health benefits for hundreds of years. Our aloe gel for pets helps to treat infections, as well as burns, cuts, wounds, and skin disorders. It can be given to dogs internally, by adding some gel to their food, or topically, by applying the gel to their coats or skin.

For generations, our family has always believed in using all-natural, toxic and chemical-free products for ourselves and our pets. We always check ingredients in the food, as well as in the hygiene products and medical supplements we give to our pets because we know how harmful toxins are to the health of both humans and animals. Over the last forty years, our Dr. Willard’s products, which are made with natural ingredients, has been under the review of a Congressional subcommittee on health, tested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and undergone a battery of safety tests from customers, media outlets and wholesalers and all have found our products to be completely safe and offer no negative side effects. The product’s ingredients (water, fossilized organics, sodium meta silicate, sulfated castor, oil, calcium chloride, and magnesium sulfate) create a catalyst that alters water’s molecular structure. This provides holistic anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, among many others to humans and pets and can substantially improve health and well being. We hope you’ll enjoy these new additions to our family and that they are a positive, natural alternative to providing good health for your family.

June Edition

Thanks to your support, we’ve been very busy this month protecting cats around the country. Here are just a few of our current projects and success stories:

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Cat Cruelty Goes Viral Online and Nowhere in the Courts

The story of a Texas veterinarian depicted in a Facebook photo with a cat she claimed to have killed with a bow and arrow caused outrage. Calls for justice were heard across the US and beyond. However, the grim reality is that when it comes to enforcing animal cruelty laws, there is a shockingly low level of enforcement. Allowing animal cruelty to go unprosecuted is detrimental to society. Check out Becky Robinson’s Huffington Post blog to read more about the gap between Americans’ humane values and the lack of prosecution for crimes against animals.

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Gainesville Reaches Milestone with TNR Workshop and Spay Day

eNews_Gainesville.jpg We have been working hard in Gainesville, Texas to implement and jumpstart humane, effective programs for cats supported by our grant funding. We’d like to share a new video which details how we’re partnering with local groups and Gainesville officials through a TNR workshop and a free Spay Day and vaccination clinic sponsored by Alley Cat Allies. After just a few months collaborating with Alley Cat Allies, Gainesville has officially adopted a TNR ordinance and is beginning to practice TNR. See how we’re following through on our promise to Gainesville’s cats.

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Virginia Attorney General: Yes, TNR is Legal

Rest easy, Virginia—TNR is legal. The Virginia Office of the Attorney General clarified their 2013 opinion on TNR, emphasizing that private organizations are allowed to practice TNR under state law. The letter also retracts a November 2013 letter by the Opinions Counsel that falsely claimed private organizations couldn’t do TNR. That misinterpretation has been dismissed. Learn more about this important clarification for cats and their caregivers in Virginia, and keep the letter handy.

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Alley Cat Allies Joins Loudoun Community Cat Coalition, Saves Over 100 Cats

As members of the Loudoun Community Cat Coalition, we were thrilled to assist with the coalition’s TNR clinic on May 17. Over 100 cats were neutered and vaccinated at the Leesburg Veterinary Hospital. We are proud to be on the committee with other outstanding groups, including Loudoun County Animal Services, Loudoun County Animal Control, Virginia Veterinary Medical Association, Towne Animal Clinic, the Humane Society of Loudoun County, Friends of Loudoun County Animal Shelter, Leesburg Veterinary Hospital, and CHASE. Thanks to all the volunteers, veterinary staff, advocates, and supporters who came out to help the cats! Check out the great photos of the event, and learn more about our partnership with this new coalition to save cats in Loudoun County.

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Adoptable Cat: Meet Tony

Look at those cute floppy ears! Tony is a 10 year old tabby we found during a Trap-Neuter-Return event. At the time, he didn’t seem to feel too well. Turns out he is FIV+ and diabetic, so he needs extra care and love from a truly special person. Tony is doing great now and is ready for his forever home. He is sweet as pie, and your heart will melt when he looks at you with his big green eyes. And he never gets tired of head scratches. Be a hero for Tony—bring him home today!

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The Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats are Ready for Summer and Need You!

Due to the hard work of our devoted volunteers, our Boardwalk Spring Cleaning went off without a hitch! Eighteen volunteers brought their high spirits and energy to tidy up the boardwalk, repair feeding stations, and refurbish the cat shelters. But caring for the Boardwalk Cats doesn’t end with spring cleaning—we need volunteers to help out all year. If you live in the Atlantic City area, sign up to volunteer today! You don’t need experience—you just need a love for cats and a desire to help. The Atlantic City Boardwalk Cats Project is a model program for the nation and shows that Trap-Neuter-Return works. Thanks so much to the volunteers and staff for providing this important service to the community and the cats!

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Quick Links

Leaping Kitten

Four Cities in Two Weeks? We got this. This month we have Trap-Neuter-Return workshops scheduled in Oxon Hill, Maryland; Sedalia, Missouri; Houston, Texas; and Brenham, Texas. If you’re in any of these areas, RSVP and find out how you can protect cats in your community!

Boost Your Advocacy with a Kitten Care Kit! Young kittens require specialized care, but a Kitten Care Kit has all the tools you need. Check out how to make your own Kitten Care Kit, and share your knowledge with your friends and veterinarian!


New Products Include Company’s First Cat Litter and Litter Attractant,

Enhanced Stain & Odor Products and

Two Unique Products That Help Cat and Dog Parents Monitor Their Pet’s Health

(March 12, 2014) – The Bramton Company, which provides quality pet care products that make pet care easier, announced it has expanded its Simple Solution offerings for cats by entering the litter category with Simple Solution® 30-day Super Absorbent cat litter and two litter additive products: a cat litter attractant that helps correct inappropriate elimination and a pH urinary health indicator. The company also has extended its Simple Solution stain and odor products for dogs and cats to include two new lines, Boosterz and Platinum. In addition, Bramton has introduced two new Vet’s Best product lines, including a dog pad that monitors health via pH levels and cat and dog stain and odor products.

Bramton showcased all 18 new products for cats and dogs, during the pet industry’s largest annual trade show, the Global Pet Expo, which took place March 12-14 in Orlando, Fla.

“Our customers want quality products that are effective and safe for their pets and families,” said Brandon Najarian, senior product manager with The Bramton Company. “That’s why we’re entering new categories – so that cat and dog parents have the choice of a brand they know and trust and that delivers what they need.”

Simple Solution: What’s New

Simple Solution, an established brand known for its training, grooming, outdoor, and stain and odor solutions, now includes:

  • Simple Solution 30 day Super Absorbent Litter, www.30daylitter.com, the only litter made from super absorbent, lightweight pure attapulgite clay that stays odor free for 30 days. The new cat litter is available in two sizes, 9 lbs. and 15 lbs.,
  • Simple Solution Cat Litter Attractant, which aids in training and correcting inappropriate elimination. By adding the attractant – which is made from a natural herb blend – cat parents can help direct their kitty back to the litter box so they start using it again. As a bonus, the attractant provides additional odor control. Available in a 3 oz. package
  • Simple Solution pH Urinary Health Indicator, a tool to help monitor cats urinary health. When added to any litter, the granules quickly change color to reveal possible urinary tract issues. Available in a 9 oz. package
  • Simple Solution Boosterz. This new line adds three products – Stain and Odor Remover, Oxy-Charged Stain and Odor Remover and the Urine Penetrator Stain & Odor Remover – that increase bacteria to work faster, penetrate deeper and discourage pet marking.
  • Simple Solution Platinum. This new product line includes four offerings: Odor Destroyer, Oxy-Charged, Urine Blaster and Foaming Stain Lifter. The Platinum line launches with focused-use formulations and an innovative continuous aerosol delivery spray designed to inject liquid down into the carpet and beneath the surface. Available in a 17 oz. bottle

Simple Solution continues to innovate the pet stain and odor remover category with the launch of two new product lines for the home: Boosterz and Platinum. The new lines ensure pet parents deliver the right amounts of the stain and odor products, while enhancing effectiveness with focused-use formulations.

Available in a 32 oz. bottle (with one performance-boosting PowerCap™)


The new Simple Solution products will be available in April, and the new Vet’s Best products in the Spring, at pet specialty retailers nationwide. All 18 new products will also be available for purchase online.

The Bramton Company Introduces 18 New Products

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About The Bramton Company

The Bramton Company provides quality pet-care products that enhance the relationship between people and their pets. The Bramton Company manufactures pet care products under the Simple Solution, Bags on Board® and Vet’s Best® brand names. These products are available nationwide through pet specialty retailers.

For more information about The Bramton Company and its products, visit www.Simplesolution.com,www.30daycatlitter.com,

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Talking with Dogs and Cats:

Joining the Conversation to Improve

Behavior and Bond with Your Animals

by Tim Link

Foreword by Victoria Stilwell

New Book Teaches How to Talk and Listen to Your Pet in

Order to Connect and Solve Behavioral Issues

“Communicating with our animals is one of the most important aspects of our human-animal connection, and it can also be the most fun, as demonstrated in this lively, practical book by Tim Link, Talking with Dogs and Cats. You’ll discover ways to solve common pet problems and make interacting with animals more meaningful. The perfect book to enhance our lives with these amazing creatures who share our world.”

—Marty Becker, DVM, America’s Veterinarian and the chief veterinary correspondent for Dogster

“Tim Link is the best friend any dog or cat ever had — providing an insightful, heart-warming guide to teaching us what our pets are truly thinking and feeling. The more you read it, the stronger the connection between you and man’s best friend.”

— Glenn Plaskin, bestselling author of Katie Up and Down the Hall

Animal lovers often wonder what their pet’s meow, bark, tweet, or stare means. Why the incessant meowing after Kitty has been fed, petted, and played with? Why is Fido barking up a storm or digging as if his life depended on it? Pet owners want to know, and Tim Link, an expert animal communicator, teaches readers how to find out. The author was surprised to find himself communicating with the pets of family and friends. Because Link was caught off guard by his own gift, he is adept at helping readers first hone their communication skills, using the spoken and the visual and also learning to “listen”. From there, the book focuses on particular behaviors. Unlike most training methods, Link’s approach respects the personality and feelings of animals. His methods, simple and accessible to all, facilitate the understanding that all animal lovers crave and create a back-and-forth communication that will enhance the lives of both animals and humans.

TIM LINK, nationally syndicated radio host, animal communicator, and Reiki practitioner, created his Wagging Tales consulting practice upon discovering his “talk to the animals” abilities. He often works with animal-rescue organizations and lives in Cumming, Georgia. His website is www.TalkingWithDogsandCats.com

Talking with Dogs and Cats:

Joining the Conversation to Improve Behavior and Bond with Your Animals

By Tim Link * Foreword by Victoria Stilwell

Animals * Pub Date: June 2, 2015

$14.95 * Trade Paperback/ebook * 240 pages * ISBN: 978-1-60868-322-2

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