Enjoy the fun photos and heartwarming stories of WWII's American soldiers and their dogs.  
One of the most effective forms of American propaganda during World War II was the morale-boosting dog (or buddy) photo. The photos reassured folks back home that despite the horrors of the war, their boys were still boys.  
Buddies: Heartwarming Photos of GIs and Their Dogs in World War II is chock-full of photos of warriors and their pups, along with stories of the dogs and their service in Europe and the Pacific. This new edition includes even more photos and tales of furry friends on the front.  
Max, a Boxer, was a full-fledged paratrooper in the Army who earned his wings after five jumps. Skippy, a pit bull pointer, was such a big part of his bomber crew that members painted him on their B-17 Flying Fortress and fitted him with a custom oxygen mask. Don't forget the salty dogs of the navy such as Hobo, who followed his pals when they took a beach. "Private" Chico, a marine mutt, promptly dug his own foxhole after landing on Bougainville. The US Coast Guard counted many puppies who were born on ships among their furriest, and possibly most beloved, sailors. Pete the Pooch, a tenacious terrier, even helped bring in mooring lines!  
Although dogs were the most popular mascot, a few chickens, crows, cats, goats, and monkeys made their way into the hearts of our fighting men. Get the full story on these companions too!  
ABOUT THE AUTHOR L. Douglas Keeney is a military historian and researcher and the author of 15 Minutes: General Curtis Lemay and the Countdown to Nuclear Annihilation. He is the cofounder of The Military Channel on which he hosted a series called On Target. He has since appeared on the Discovery Channel; CBS; and the Learning Channel and is the author of ten books of military history.  
ABOUT ZENITH PRESS Zenith Press publishes historical non-fiction in narrative illustrated and graphic formats.  Building on a core of 19th and 20th century military history in America, Zenith also publishes titles on the history of aviation, technology  and science, and also in selected areas of cultural and social history - all with a distinctly American angle.  From a narrative of a famed American WWII flying squadron to an illustrated celebration of NASA's famed Space Shuttle program to a cultural history of moonshine in the 19th and 20th centuries, Zenith books are engaging American stories with a firm historical foundation. 


Tired of your dog slobbering on your face? Trying to minimize mouthing? What supplies do you need before you bring home a new puppy? What do you do during a thunderstorm or with an elderly animal? For 15 years, Adopt-a-Pet.com has brought companions into the lives of thousands and now, for the first time ever, the editors at Adopt-a-Pet.com present The Total Dog Manual, a comprehensive guide to understanding your furry friend.

From understanding a dog’s anatomy and those deep-down doggie instincts to training methods and grooming tips, all the information you need to understand your dog is now at your fingertips. Broken up into three sections–behavior, training and care–and easily organized from puppy-hood to old age, you will learn tips on curbing bad habits, teaching basic commands, vacationing with your dog, communicating effectively and much, much more. The Total Dog Manual’s easy to follow format and step-by-step training methods makes this your foolproof guide to dog care.

Dr. Pia Salk specializes in social justice and the human-animal bond.

In both her clinical work and in her writing, Pia addresses topics ranging from the loss of a personal companion animal to the climate of animal welfare as it relates to social justice on a broader scale.

Her writing is included in the recently published, Pet Loss and Human Emotion. And her extensive involvement in the animal rescue effort following hurricane Katrina has been featured on such shows as Animal Planet’s Hurricane Heroes and 20/20 to name a few. Pia is the spokesperson for www.Adopt-A-Pet.com , North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website.  This site gives adoptable animals national exposure and a chance at being adopted into loving homes.  

Pia hosts The Save-a-Pet show and is a contributing writer on the Adopt-a-Pet.com website. She covers such topics as why adopting not only saves lives, but makes for good parenting and promotes pro-social behavior in today’s youth.

You may also recognize Pia as a frequent guest on The Martha Stewart Show, where she highlights the important role that animals play in our lives and how our societal treatment of animals conveys important messages to our youth. Pia is also a regular guest contributor to The Martha Stewart blog, "The Daily Wag"
Pia has developed programs that pair at-risk teens with animals who share similar histories of abuse and neglect.  According to one of her Psychologist colleagues, “She may be little in stature, but she is big on personality. The kids and animals she works with love her ability to roll around and get dirty, both physically and emotionally.  She has a knack for reading both animals and humans!”.
Dr. Salk brings her own rescued animals into her clinical work. And she often credits the animals as being “the real therapists.”  

My Adventures with the World’s Most Misunderstood Mammals
by: Dr. Merlin Tuttle

October 20, 2015
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

"The Secret Lives of Bats is a whirlwind adventure story and a top-shelf natural history page-turner. But perhaps most important, it tells the feel-good conservation success story of the century: how Merlin Tuttle changed the world's perception of bats from monsters to angels—by befriending people, then showing them the truth. Everyone who cares about animals must read this riveting book about a fearless, indestructible gentleman-adventurer and the beautiful, gentle bats he has studied, protected, and loved.”

Sy Montgomery, author of The Soul of an Octopus and The Good Good Pig

"The Secret Lives of Bats dispels the bad reputation of bats, long lurking in our imagination as creepy, somewhat scary creatures—the bit players in horror movies and Gothic romance. Tuttle’s innovative photography, adventurous spirit, and compelling words and science reveal bats for what they are: intelligent, social, and fascinating mammals. In short, Tuttle's fifty years of research and conservation commitment has turned our aversion into awe."

Kathy Moran, National Geographic

"Tuttle's recent attempts to photograph them in their natural habitat have led him through many hair-raising adventures, which he entertainingly chronicles. A page-turning memoir of curiosity about—and dedication to—a significant part of the natural world."
Kirkus Reviews

The Secret Lives of Bats highlights the life-long journey of the man who arguably has done more for the conservation of bats than anyone else on the planet. Filled with personal and professional stories and peppered liberally with scientific insights about bats, this book is a must-read for a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the world’s most misunderstood mammals. ”

John P. Hayes, Colorado State University

TIMELY. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt will publish THE SECRET LIVES OF BATS on October 20, which is National Bat Week and the week before Halloween, when awareness for bat conservation is highest. Ideal for Halloween coverage.

LEADING BAT EXPERT. No one is more qualified to write this book than ecologist Dr. Merlin Tuttle, who has dedicated his life to setting the record straight on the good bats bring to the economy, environment, and population. He founded Bat Conservation International—the leading authority on bat protection—in 1982.

STUNNING PHOTOS. Extraordinary photos that Tuttle has taken over the years of bat species from around the world are available for excerpt. Nothing stops Tuttle from getting his shot: inserts in the book show him roping into caves, crawling into hollow trees, and scaling cliff walls to get to the highly intelligent and elusive bats.

A lifetime of adventures with bats around the world reveals why these special and imperiled creatures should be protected rather than feared.

How do you feel about bats? Everyone has a bat story. Dr. Merlin Tuttle has thousands of them, and none involve him running away screaming or calling an exterminator. Tuttle, an ecologist and founder of Bat Conservation International, has spent his lifetime searching the globe for every bat species known to man, documenting his experiences through photography and writing (his work has appeared in Science, the Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, and National Geographic). THE SECRET LIVES OF BATS (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, on-sale: Oct. 20, 2015) is the culmination of his lifetime’s worth of meticulous study.

The opening scene is of young Tuttle exploring a known bat cave with his dad. He stumbles upon thousands of them as they’re nesting, disrupting their sleep and causing them to fly all over him, inside his shirt and up his pant legs. Tuttle, who would one day be known as the “real life Batman”, wasn’t remotely afraid. “I soon realized that they meant no harm and were only seeking places to hide. In fact, they had more to fear than I did…they neither scratched nor bit me as they swarmed over me, and I had to hold quite still to avoid inadvertently crushing them.”

So begins Tuttle’s lifelong dedication to changing pre-conceived opinions about bats. Instead of fearing the vampire bat, for example, we should thank it for its saliva, which has aided in the development of modern medicines. Bats promote healthy crops and sustainable living for farmers by eating nighttime insects and reducing the need for pesticides. They are responsible for the pollination of over 500 plant species, including different types of mango, banana, cocoa, durian, guava, and agave (so no bats, no chocolate or tequila!). Bats are not by nature blood-thirsty attackers of the human race, but gentle, cuddly creatures, with off-the-charts intelligence. Bats are essential to the environment and to the economy.

Tuttle has encountered bats as cute as any panda and as strange as any dinosaur, from tiny bumblebee bats to flying foxes with six-foot wingspans. He shares harrowing details of moonshiner standoffs, close encounters with tigers, cobras, and poachers, and daring feats just to get close. He did it for love of bats and the thrill of scientific discovery, and it’s all in the book.

What’s not to love?

Published by Grand Central Publishing — October 13, 2015
Hardcover ISBN: 9781455531479; $22 | eBook ISBN: 9781455531462; $10.99
by Sophie Gamand
In the vein of Underwater Dogs and Shake comes
the quirky yet absolutely darling WET DOG
(Grand Central Publishing Hardcover; on
sale: 10/13; $22) by acclaimed
photographer Sophie Gamand. An adorable
and hilarious collection of over 120 dog
photographs, the book expands upon Gamand’s
much beloved and viral photo series to include
some old friends and feature new faces readers will
instantly fall in love with.
Every dog owner knows too well the fun and misery
of bath time: the wriggles, the poignant looks, the
playful splashes. WET DOG is a stunning and
touching capture of this intimate moment. Elevating
dog photography to the status of art, these
expressive portraits of our canine friends mirror our
very own human emotions.

Connect with Sophie online:
www.SophieGamand.com | http://facebook.com/SophieGamandPhotography | @SophieGamand
Connect with Grand Central Publishing online:
http://facebook.com/GrandCentralPublishing | @GrandCentralPub

Sophie Gamand is an award-winning photographer and animal advocate living in New York.
Since 2010 her powerful and whimsical photography has focused on dogs and our relationship with
them. She works closely with animal shelters and rescue groups to help promote adoption and
animal welfare.

My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts

Written by Laura T. Coffey Photographs by Lori Fusaro

Foreword by Neko Case

Afterwords by Dr. Marty Becker and Mikkel Becker


Photographer Lori Fusaro is crazy about dogs. She’s lived with them for as long as she can remember, and she photographs them for a living. But until a few years ago, the idea of adopting an older dog made her squirm with uneasiness.

“I thought it would just be too sad,” Fusaro said. “I didn’t think my heart could take it, so I wasn’t willing to open myself up.” That is, until she welcomed a sweet-natured 16-year-old dog named Sunny into her family.


Sunny rewired Fusaro’s view of older dogs so completely that she decided to launch a photography project to show just how much senior shelter pets have to offer. She never guessed that her efforts would spark a media frenzy and draw the attention of hundreds of thousands of supportive readers throughout North America and in places as far away as Malaysia, Germany, Brazil and the Philippines — but that’s exactly what happened.


That outpouring began when Laura T. Coffey wrote a feature story about Fusaro’s work with senior shelter pets for TODAY.com, the website of NBC’s TODAY show. “No Dog Should Die Alone” was the attention-grabbing — and heart-stirring — headline on Coffey’s story, and it generated so much passionate feedback that Coffey and Fusaro decided to team up to work together on My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts.

Their book reveals that even though dogs over the age of 7 tend to be calm, easy, and already house-trained, they often represent the highest-risk population at shelters. With gorgeous, joyful photographs and sweet, funny, true tales of “old dogs learning new tricks,” Coffey and Fusaro show that adopting a senior can be even more rewarding than choosing a younger dog.

My Old Dog introduces readers to endearing elders like Marnie, the irresistible shih tzu who has posed for selfies with Tina Fey, James Franco, and Betty White; Remy, a soulful 9-year-old dog adopted by elderly nuns; George Clooney’s cocker spaniel, Einstein; and Bretagne, the last known surviving search dog from Ground Zero. They may be slower moving and a tad less exuberant than puppies, but these pooches prove that adopting a senior brings immeasurable joy, earnest devotion, and unconditional love.


Of special interest are the book’s stories about retired working dogs — such as military dogs, law-enforcement dogs, and racing dogs — who can find themselves languishing in kennels or left in overcrowded shelters after they age out of their vocations. My Old Dog also includes a comprehensive resource guide to help readers take action and help senior pets themselves in all sorts of ways. (continued)


Laura T. Coffey is a longtime writer, editor, and producer for TODAY.com, the website of NBC’s TODAY show. An award-winning journalist with more than two decades of experience, Laura has written and edited hundreds of high-profile human-interest stories. She lives in Seattle, Washington.


Lori Fusaro is staff photographer at Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles and owner of Fusaro Photography, whose clients include BAD RAP, Guide Dogs for the Blind, k9 connection, Angel City Pit Bulls, and other animal rescue organizations. She lives in Los Angeles.

Their website is www.MyOldDogBook.com

My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts

Written by Laura T. Coffey / Photographs by Lori Fusaro

Foreword by Neko Case / Afterwords by Dr. Marty Becker & Mikkel Becker

Pets · October 6, 2015

$24.95 · 256 pages

Paper-over-board hardcover · Full color throughout

ISBN: 978-1-60868-340-6


"Black Dog Syndrome" has been making major news headlines in both the U.S. and all over the world. This is the first book to tackle the subject in a poignant, artful way - capturing the raw beauty of these incredible canines. Photographer Fred Levy has photographed dozens of black dogs for his blog, caninenoir.tumblr.com/. Some of his subjects include rescue dogs, shelter dogs, blind dogs, and 3-legged dogs. Now, Fred's beautiful photos of black canines and their stories are collected into this beautiful, inspiring book! The Black Dogs Project Author: Fred Levy Format: Hardbound, 128 Pages ISBN: 9781631060885 Publisher: Race Point Publishing Size: 10.25 x 10.5 Published: September 15, 2015 Price: $25 

“We just have one question: Why did it take so long for someone to come up with this?”
—Huffington Post

“You may have a slight obsession with reblogging cats on Tumblr. French Tumblr account Des Hommes et des Chatons takes that obsession to a whole new level with their photos of cats imitating sexy male models and actors.”
—Buzz Feed

“Today, we love the tumblr Des Hommes et des Chatons, a comic-sexy mix of guys and kittens. Want to see cute kittens and ultra sexy guys? The tumblr Des Hommes et des Chatons will brighten your day.”
—Glamour (Paris)

“We love a really cute Tumblr. Des Hommes et des Chatons, the name says it all. The perfect addition to make us literally melt. We already loved cats. We also like men now. A salivating emergency!”
—Cosmopolitan (France)


By Marie-Eva Gatuingt and Alice Chaygneaud 

Do you (or someone you know) like to look at pictures of sexy men? How about cute cats?

Now you don’t have to choose between the two. Based on the chic French Tumblr Des Hommes et des Chatons, Men & Cats (Perigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House, September 1, 2015) by Marie-Eva Gatuingt and Alice Chaygneaud presents an original collection of 50 pairs of sexy men and adorable cats.

Each clever match-up shows a heartthrob posing alongside a cat in a similar pose or with a similar expression.

Men & Cats is a lighthearted, humorous take on posing models, and a reminder that you can make everything better by just adding cats to it.




Marie-Eva Gatuingt and Alice Chaygneaud are the creators of the Tumblr Des Hommes et Des Chatons. They live in Paris, France.


Marie-Eva Gatuingt and Alice Chaygneaud

Perigee hardcover ǀ $15.00 ǀ 978-0-399-17585-5 ǀ on-sale September 1, 2015

#   #   #

Tails of Triumph: Animals Tell Their Katrina Stories  
Animals share inspiring tales of courage and survival with Pet Whisperer Terri Steuben as her rescue team takes them to safety from devastated post-Katrina New Orleans  
To mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, animal communicator and disaster responder Terri Steuben offers a new book with a unique take on the historic event – the pets’ perspective, by the pets themselves.  
Steuben was called in by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to join the largest animal rescue operation in U.S. history. During the two weeks she found and saved pets, Steuben kept a journal of what those dogs, cats and other animals told her telepathically. In her memoir, she gives the animals a voice by sharing powerful stories of triumph from courageous pets that lived through a nightmare and never gave up. She describes how they endured weeks of heat, humidity, fear and loneliness—sometimes without food and water—until they could be rescued. Steuben offers an uplifting side to the tragic events and the stories in her memoir are timeless tales of courage, determination, resourcefulness and love.  
The 2005 disaster along the Gulf Coast proved to be a turning point for animals across the U.S. “Katrina’s silver lining was the passage of the HSUS-backed Pet Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act in Congress and new state laws requiring attention to animals in disaster response,” writes Eric Sakach of the HSUS in the book’s foreword. The 2006 law means that states must accommodate pets and service animals in their disaster plans for evacuating residents. Says Steuben, “With every year that passes, I believe we are becoming more prepared to keep our pets safe from harm. I pray that this is so, because I don’t ever want to hear another traumatized animal say, ‘Why did Mommy and Daddy have to leave me?’”  
About the Author: Terri Steuben is a popular animal communicator who has counseled thousands of pet owners for 25 years. Using her psychic abilities and practical experience, she helps people around the world better understand their animals and solve behavior and health problems. In addition, she is a trained disaster responder and teaches classes in how to keep animals safe in emergencies. She has deployed with the HSUS, United Animal Nations Emergency Animal Rescue Service and the Mounted Assistance Unit Equestrian Training Institute. She is also called to work alongside law enforcement officials in search-and-seizure operations involving animal hoarding and abuse. Steuben is the author of Secrets of a Pet Whisperer: Stop Telling Your Animals to Misbehave, a how-to communication guide for pet owners that also contains information and checklists on preparing for emergencies. Learn more at www.TerriSteuben.com.  
Publication: August 1, 2015; 330 pages; 32 photos; McCoury Publishing; ISBN: 0-9839297-1-8 (print), ISBN: 0-9839297-2-6 (electronic); Subject Headings: Pets/General PET000000; Nature/Animals NAT001000; History/US South HIS036120; Body, Mind & Spirit/ESP OCC007000 Price: $27.99 (softcover); $13.99 (ebook); quantity discounts are available by contacting the publisher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Where to buy: www.TerriSteuben.com, Amazon, Kobo, pet boutiques, independent booksellers and Internet retailers  Contact

The Dog Master by W. Bruce Cameron is a provocative glimpse at prehistory, an emotional coming-of-age saga, a thrilling tale of survival against all odds, and the exciting,

imaginative story of the first dog!

New York Times Bestselling Author




A Novel of the First Dog

Bestselling author W. Bruce Cameron has captivated countless readers over the past five years with his charming and inspiring dog-centric novels, including the wildly popular A Dog’s Purpose (slated to be directed by Lasse Hallström for DreamWorks) and A Dog’s Journey. Both were New York Times and USA Today bestsellers, and received extensive critical acclaim from both critics and colleagues alike. He’s also the author of The Dogs of Christmas and Ellie’s Story, an illustrated novel adapted for young readers from the characters introduced in the beloved A Dog’s Purpose.

Now, Cameron heads in a new direction with his most ambitious endeavor yet. Set against the most dramatic time in our species’ history, THE DOG MASTER (A Forge Hardcover; $25.99; August 4, 2015) is the thrilling and evocative story of one tribe’s struggle for survival and one remarkable man’s bond with the wolf who would become the first dog—a friendship that changed mankind forever.

Cameron’s gift for creating complex-but-relatable characters and unforgettable storylines is vividly illustrated in THE DOG MASTER, a visionary work of historical fiction that explores the very beginnings of our shared humanity. Readers will be swept up in the harsh and unforgiving existence of thirty-thousand years ago, when the fate of our ancestors hinged on our ability to adapt to the last great glaciation. Ice and brutal cold stormed out of the north and forced us out of the trees and onto the steppes, where we were both predator and prey.

Mankind stood on the cold brink of extinction . . . but we had a unique advantage over other species—our symbiotic relationship with wolves, a bond that continues to this day. Only a set of extraordinary circumstances could have transformed one of these fierce prehistoric creatures into a hunting companion, a bodyguard, a soldier, and a friend. And in THE DOG MASTER, Cameron offers not only a sweeping saga of prehistory, brimming with tribal war, increasing famine, political intrigue, and forbidden love, but also an intricately wrought, imaginative story of the first dog.


THE DOG MASTER by W. Bruce Cameron is an epic novel rich in atmosphere and characterization, with heart-stopping moments of intrigue and adventure. Readers who love classic Jean Auel, dog stories, engrossing historical fiction—or anyone looking for a fresh and exciting read—will find themselves captivated by W. Bruce Cameron’s enthralling new novel.

W. Bruce Cameron is the bestselling author of A Dog’s Purpose, (a USA Today bestseller that also spent a year on the New York Times bestseller list, and is slated to be directed by Lasse Hallström for DreamWorks), and its New York Times and USA Today bestselling sequel, A Dog’s Journey. A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey have been absolute success stories with over 310,000 “Likes” on the A Dog’s Purpose Facebook Fan page and countless readers who have fallen in love with their moving tales. He’s also the author of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, which was turned into the hit ABC series; Emory’s Gift, and The Dogs of Christmas. His most recent novel is The Dog Master. He has written for television and wrote, along with his wife and co-writer Cathryn Michon, the feature film Muffin Top: A Love Story, which was released in 2014.   Cameron was also named 2011 Newspaper Columnist of the year by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. A champion for animal welfare, Cameron also serves on the board of Life is Better Rescue, in Denver, CO. lifeisbetterrescue.org/. To learn more about W. Bruce Cameron and his work, visit: brucecameron.com &adogspurpose.com.

THE DOG MASTER by W. Bruce Cameron | A Forge Hardcover |ISBN: 978-0-7653-7463-9 | 416 pages; $25.99 | eBook: 978-1-4668-4297-7; $12.99 | On-Sale: August 4, 2015

Don’t Fart When You Snuggle.
Lessons on How to Make a Human Smile
Dogs are an inexhaustible source of unfaltering loyalty, good cheer and laughter.
Meet Frank the Dog. His mission is to make humans smile. And that’s exactly what
he and his wisecracking pals do in Don’t Fart When You Snuggle, the guide to
living the good life—of a dog. From the creator of the popular greeting card line
From Frank™, this playful book offers advice for dogs, by dogs, that’s sure to
brighten any human’s day.
Photographs accompany unfiltered insights into the weird and wonderful
relationship that pets share with their loved ones.
Take it from Frank and his friends:
 Greet first. Then ask about dinner.
 The louder the snore, the better the snuggle.
 Walk your human daily: It’s good for them and you can
check out that hot poodle down the street.
 Every so often, bark at nothing. Your human will feel extra
Anyone who follows Frank’s advice is in for some extra belly rubs, guaranteed.
About the book
Don’t Fart When You Snuggle: Lessons on How to Make a Human Smile
By Frank the Dog
ISBN: 978-1-4521-4177-0
6 x 6 in., 136 pp full-color images throughout
About From Frank™
From Frank, the brainchild of Kate Smith and her French bulldog, Frank the Tank, debuted
in 2008 when Smith combined images capturing Frank’s humorous, human-like personality
with the quirky, yet happy comments she imagined Frank saying. Frank’s main goal in life is
to make humans smile. Frank knows how to live—he appreciates the little things and
forgets the bad ones.
About Chronicle Books
One of the most admired and respected publishing companies in the U.S., Chronicle Books was
founded in 1967 and over the years has developed a reputation for award-winning, innovative
books. Recognized as one of the 50 best small companies to work for in the U.S. (and the only
independent publisher to receive this award), the company continues to challenge conventional
publishing wisdom, setting trends in both subject and format, maintaining a list that includes much
admired illustrated books and gift products in design, art, architecture, photography, food, lifestyle,
pop culture, and acclaimed children’s titles. Chronicle Books’ objective is to create and distribute
exceptional publishing that’s instantly recognizable for its spirit, creativity, and value.  For more
information about Chronicle Books, visit www.chroniclebooks.com.
Copyright © From Frank, LLC and TM. All rights reserved

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