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Low-Priced Exclusiv Vodka Receives A 91 Point Rating That Places It In The Same Caliber Of Today’s Most Expensive Top-Shelf Vodkas 


Exclusiv Vodka, a consumer favorite for price and taste, received their second near perfect rating from the Beverage Tasting Institute (BTI) this January 2012.  The BTI scored Exclusiv Vodka 91 points, rating the vodka as ‘Exceptional. ’ Last year BTI awarded Exclusiv Vodka 90 points and also named the beverage a ‘2011 Best Buy Bar Competition-Best Value Vodka $10 and Under.’ That same year Exclusiv Vodka also received the Gold Medal for the International Review of Spirits Award.


A 91 rating puts Exclusiv Vodka in a very lofty category, sharing the same tasting score or higher with the likes of Skyy Vodka, Chopin, Svedka, Finlandia and more.  What makes Exclusiv stand out from it’s equally rated counterparts is the price. 


At around $10.00 a litre, Exclusiv Vodka is a mere fraction of the cost of the other brands that scored the same in recent taste test results. Exclusiv Vodka is especially unique due to its roots in Moldova, a country located between Romania and Ukraine that gained its independence from Russia in 1991. With its Russian heritage gifting the highest standards for vodka production, Exclusiv Vodka is truly a world-class vodka. 


Below are the notes from the BTI January 2012 tasting regarding Exclusiv Vodka:


“Clear. Mild aromas of almond nougat, sweet cream, and minerals with a supple dry-yet-fruity medium body and a smooth, lightly peppery finish. Very clean and lively.” Exclusiv Vodka is one of the fastest growing vodka brands on the market today. 


Exclusiv uses the richest raw materials and finest distilling processes. Its distinct upscale flavor and rich heritage combined with an attractive price point has made Exclusiv Vodka one of the most in-demand Vodka brands for restaurants, retailers and consumers.  


A review on states, “Exclusiv has a spice to it that I really love. Exclusiv tastes great alone and on the rocks, in simple Juice/Sprite drinks, and in more complex cocktails.”


A testimonial by Beverage Underground also states, “We have discovered a gem of a vodka that shines bright both in the glass and at the bottom line without sacrificing quality, image or smoothness. Exclusiv Vodka may just be the best new ‘total package’ product for both on and off premise retailers and their staffs…this soft and silky distillate from Moldova is emerging as one of the best leaked secrets of spirits industry professionals.”


As the testimonials show, Exclusiv Vodka is a true treat. Taste Exclusiv for yourself and give us your feedback! For information about where to buy Exclusiv Vodka, please go to


About Exclusiv Vodka


Exclusiv Vodka is a renowned vodka-distiller and wine-cultivator based in Moldova, a country that just gained its independence from Russia in 1991. The manufacturer’s products are steeped in Russian tradition and new to the United States. Exclusiv’s products are available in NY, NJ, CT, GA, SC, and FL. Exclusiv’s low-priced vodka has won nine international awards that prove its ranking among the most famous names in vodka. Exclusiv’s Rose Moscato sparkling red wine gained great popularity around Russia, and is now available in the United States as of Summer 2011. Visit Exclusiv Vodka online at their official website and on Facebook.


About BTI/


The Beverage Testing Institute was founded in 1981 with the objective of producing fair and impartial wine reviews for consumers. Today, this philosophy still holds true.  Over the years, our buying guides have appeared in the Wine Enthusiast, Restaurant Hospitality, The New Yorker Magazine, Wine & Spirits, International Wine Review,, All About Beer, and many others.




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